Riviera Maya Wedding Day
It all started in June 2014, when Ryne was in Chicago visiting friends. Shortly after Ryne ‘broke the news’, he was promptly summoned by Jeff’s high school ‘Freshman Crush’ and world- renowned Sedgwick waitress Kylie Stack, who said Ryne ‘had to meet his friend Jeff ‘. Fast- forward a... Read more
Breathtaking Elopement to Valley of Fire
Why did you decide to elope? “We were planning a vacation to Las Vegas already and then Sara proposed, so we thought why not get married in Vegas! Neither one of us wanted to deal with the anxiety of planning a big wedding because ultimately we fell in love... Read more
Downtown Toronto Wedding Day
Greg and Ted are two beautiful people who are deeply in love. They got married on a warm July day in Toronto at a wonderful restaurant called Canoe which overlooks the city. They wanted a simple wedding and to be surrounded only by their closest friends and family. They... Read more
Thrifted and Fabulous Wedding Decor
The table decor at Renee and Mara’s wedding is the perfect example of how you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create elegant and stunning decor for your reception. Taking time to visit multiple thrift stores is a fun and low-cost way to decorate for your... Read more
Downtown Cincinnati Fall Wedding
Beth and Teresa’s Downtown Cincinnati fall wedding at The Transept turned out to be on the cold, rainy side. But from the smiles on both of these bride’s faces you wouldn’t be able to tell! There was no way some crappy weather was going to take away from their... Read more