Love at First Like
Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet? It was, “Love at First Like.” On the first day of January 2015, exhausted from celebrating New Year’s Eve the day before, James was lying on the couch, scrolling through Instagram. On the ‘Discover’ section was a photo... Read more
Bohemian Love in Time of COVID
Jaclyn & Stephanie, are a real couple who kindly modeled for us and fit the organic boho style perfectly. The dress was custom fitted for Jaclyn. It originally was a one piece dress. Once on Jaclyn, Cathy Ebrada from Ebrada Atelier, cut it in half and magically transformed it... Read more
Marble and Metal Accented Wedding – Beautiful!
Joey and Salvador’s wedding day was inspired by their desire to mix elegant beauty with masculine details. The couple’s divine florals and dapper suits were complimented with a steel grey and dark teal color palette along with marble and metal accents. Wedding preparations and dressing was located at the... Read more
COVID-19 Commitment Ceremony
Gina and Dana moved their wedding to 2021 because of COVID-19, but wanted to do something special on their original wedding date. They went back to the beach where they both proposed to have a “commitment ceremony” with some of their closes friends. During the ceremony, they saved sand... Read more
Picturesque Mansion Wedding
Jacob and Jacob – yes, the grooms are both named Jacob – met on Tinder and sometimes like to say that Tinder is the friend who introduced them. However, they could have easily met before but don’t remember. They are both from Los Angeles, they both went to Brown... Read more