Engaged in Santorini
Jess and I met at the in high school. We caught the bus together as we both lived in Orange but went to Blayney School. We were just friends all through high school and then we sort of lost touch for a couple of years, we would still talk... Read more
Garden Wedding at Sunset
This beautiful couple went all out with a garden wedding at sunset. The couple went with soft florals to compliment their romantic gowns. The table signs were a nod to Ashley’s work as a chemist. Audrey wore her grandmother’s broach in her hair. They both paid tribute to their... Read more
Should You Elope?
Carriza and I first met at a Barnes & Noble in the fall of 2009. We met at Barnes & Noble in the fall of 2009. We were attending different colleges, but happened to be at the same Barnes & Noble. We were in line at the Starbucks inside... Read more
Love is in the Little Things
Love takes courage, and Kaz and Bront are two courageous individuals that found each other and took that wonderful leap into marriage. Read their story and how they fell in love… How did you meet? We met at church when Kaz returned home from studying theology in Canada and... Read more
Gay Wedding on Mackinac Island
Dan and Dan’s summer wedding on Mackinac Island captured the breathtaking greens and blues of island life as well as its bounty. Their luxury grooms’ attire reflected their love of the island and the summer. Dan’s side of the wedding party dressed in shades of green to coordinate with... Read more