Breathtaking Engagement in Downtown Providence
Photographer: Piper Brown Photography// Submitted via Two Bright Lights Read more
Surprise Proposal in Aspen
David reached out to me a few months before his and Rob’s trip to Aspen, Colorado. He knew he wanted to propose to his love in a place that would take Rob’s breath away and truly express his love for him, so he decided on Maroon Bells. The bells... Read more
Falling in Love in Idaho
This sweet couple found each other in the midst of Idaho. We took their photos at the local University, walking through the beautiful gardens and celebrating their love story. Event Venue: University of Idaho Botanical Gardens//Photographer: Courtney Kammers Photography// Submitted via Two Bright Lights   Read more
Bookstore Engagement Session in Baltimore
Angelica and Antwan connected over their love for books and their thirst for higher understanding of the world around them. Their first date was at a book store so they felt like it was only right that they have their engagement session where their love blossomed. “We had our... Read more
Just Another Day in Love
This gallery is actually near and dear to my heart because one of the subjects is my brother. It’s not only special for that reason, but it’s also special because we both grew up in a house that told us we couldn’t love who we wanted to love. Now... Read more