Let’s Plan the Honeymoon of Your Dreams
The day of your wedding finally arrived, and just like that it is over. It was the best day of your life and you are on cloud nine reliving every detail that you spent what seemed like forever planning. Still, the amount of time and energy you put into... Read more
Courtney and Taylor’s Love Story
Courtney and Taylor’s love story began not unlike many others. They had mutual friends, would hang out together, and when they went out they would see each other. Over time they became more friendly and flirty with each other. Taylor is openly lesbian, and Courtney until this point had... Read more
HEMA Celebrates Love With European couples
Love is for everyone… Amsterdam, August 2nd 2018 – Love is for everyone. Everyone should be able to celebrate love and confirm their partnership through marriage. In many European countries this isn’t possible yet. Love between people of the same sex has not been recognized by law in many... Read more
Haley and Gabby Got Married!
When Haley and Gabby got married, it was a fun-filled event. Check out their smiles and love captured by their photographer… From the photographer: I think this is my favorite first look in the history of first looks! For whatever reason, I was surprised to find out upon arrival... Read more
Beautifully Bohemian Wedding
This beautifully bohemian wedding is breathtaking! From the photographer: This day was fun and filled with laughter. I enjoyed capturing the personalities and the intimate, outdoor photos of this truly loving couple. The unique styles, combining alternative, bohemian and vintage in a perfectly whimsical day made this album one... Read more