Bookstore Engagement Session in Baltimore
Angelica and Antwan connected over their love for books and their thirst for higher understanding of the world around them. Their first date was at a book store so they felt like it was only right that they have their engagement session where their love blossomed. “We had our... Read more
DIY Wedding at Bed and Breakfast in Florida
Our wedding was just magical and true to us! We knew we wanted our wedding to be colorful, intimate, and ROWDY. Being two women and having the opportunity to get married in front of all of our loved ones was something truly special to us and we worked hard... Read more
Perfect Advice to Follow from Newlyweds
What you love about each other the most? For Jayson: “I love Glen’s laugh.” For Glen: “I love that Jayson can do ANYTHING. And if he doesn’t know how to do something, he will figure it out.” Fave things to do together as a couple? We love to travel... Read more
Lavenders and Blues Vintage Chic Wedding Decor
Tell us about your wedding! The wedding was a dream come true! It was a vintage chic and a mix with our authenticity. We incorporated soft colors (lavenders and blues) for an original wedding that was planned fall 2020 but moved to spring 2022. One tradition that we kept... Read more
How to Use Plants as Your Wedding Decor for a Natural and Elegant Style
The inspiration for our day was simple honestly. We wanted the day to reflect and showcase our love for one another. All we needed was each other and our closest friends and family. Our sisters, our 2 best friends, and Melanie’s parents. The small, intimate setting was more perfect... Read more