The Importance of Support in Strong Partnerships
One of the most amazing things about marriage and finding a partner who I truly connect with, is always having someone to confide in, who can support me, and hold me up during hard times. The point of partnership is that support, love, and ability to be a confidant... Read more
How to find an LGBT Inclusive Family Doctor
Finding a good family doctor such as this Fort Collins family doctor who is accepting new patients and fits all your criteria for open, frank communication in a style that is welcoming, concerned and professional can be an arduous task. And most importantly, you need to make sure the... Read more
#1 Best DIY Albums for Your Wedding:
The results are in: Blurb has been chosen by GWM as the #1 DIY Album company for your wedding. Gone are the days of buying one album from your wedding photographer for it to sit on the shelf, never to be viewed. Couples want an album that truly reflects... Read more
Dealing with the Families on the Holidays
Some tips on how to survive the holidays and have a good, if not great, time this year. Holidays can be a fun and festive time, but it can also be anticipated with dread, especially for LGBT couples. In some cases, our families can be loving and supportive, but... Read more
In more than eight years, I’ve never received an anniversary gift.
Never in the past eight years that we’ve been together, have we exchanged anniversary cards or gifts. To a lesser extent, we also rarely exchange birthday or holiday gifts as well. When we were approaching our first anniversary, we discussed how we wanted it to look and what we... Read more