The Perfect Holiday Bow Tie
Beau Ties Ltd. has handmade ties and bow ties (made in the US) which are the perfect gift for any men in your life with price points starting at $38 for bow ties and $48 for neckties.  All styles are available for children, teens and mens and can be customized accordingly.... Read more
Top 5 Free Wedding Organizational Apps
Your wedding planning is not something you can keep in your head, so these top 5 free wedding organizational apps can help! 1-Wedding Happy—This is one of the easiest apps to use. Enter your wedding date and the app automatically generates to-do lists based on your wedding date. 2-Our Wedding... Read more
GWM Interns Take the Weybridge 1761 Challenge
When the GWM Interns, Bri and Jay, saw the Weybridge 1761 ties at a photo shoot, they fell in love. I told them about the Weybridge 1761 Challenge to tie a bow tie in less than 10 seconds. What was their response? Challenge accepted. Bri wasn’t sure that Jay... Read more
#1 Best DIY Albums for Your Wedding:
The results are in: Blurb has been chosen by GWM as the #1 DIY Album company for your wedding. Gone are the days of buying one album from your wedding photographer for it to sit on the shelf, never to be viewed. Couples want an album that truly reflects... Read more
How I Catered My Own Wedding
My partner and I knew that we’d have to do the majority of labor ourselves in order to afford our wedding. In addition to invitations, decorations, and dress alterations, it meant that we would cook the food for dinner, dessert, and brunch. When people heard that we were cooking... Read more