Inspiration for Your Spring Wedding NOW
Spring Euphoria is a representation of inclusivity, self-expression, spring, art, rebirth, the beauty of adaption, and all the wonderful changes that seasonality brings to the State of Maine. We came together to create an abundance of details within a small, industrious, & intimate environment. Our tablescape hosted handmade ceramics,... Read more
Great Advice for your Wedding Day
When Coleman and Adam reached out to me for their wedding, their inquiry read “It’s a gay wedding, on a farm, in rural Tennessee, so I mean that’s something you don’t see every day. So I’ll say the theme is love is love?”. I am a huge advocate for... Read more
Excited Fathers along with Surrogate Mother Welcome Baby Chloe to the World
Meet surrogate mother, Keesha, who runs the Facebook page A Borrowed Womb. She carried baby girl Chloe to full term for Chloe’s excited fathers. Photographer: Cynthia Priest Photography// Submitted via Two Bright Lights Read more
Ultimate Rainbow Pride Wedding Decor Ideas
This Lux Pride Styled Shoot, taking place at Tampa’s top modern resort, hotel Alba, was full of color and romance. From the details and colors in the one of a kind Rolex rainbow time piece, to the abundance of florals draping every surface. Real life wives, Taylor and Lauren... Read more
How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship
The Dark Side of LGBTQ+ Relationships Timothy McLemore, founder of Essential Haus, author, “Love Is Not Abuse” Timothy McLemore, LGBTQ+ relationship champion ​​and author of, “Love Is Not Abuse” is on a mission to create a safe haven and dedicated support system for the forgotten members of the LGBTQ+... Read more