Country Chic Gay Wedding
Jeremy and Michael chose the perfect setting for their big day, Michael’s childhood home which happens to be a farm! Capturing this sweet couple’s wedding was an absolute honor. The love this pair has for one another can not only be seen but felt! Photographer:  Lux Lens Photography// Submitted... Read more
A Country Vineyard Engagement
Eric and Phillip met in the summer of 2012. Phillip did something he would never normally do and went camping, renting an RV from Eric. They soon met that fateful weekend and from that moment they never stopped talking to each other every day. They weren’t looking for each... Read more
Lesbian Rooftop Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles
Kate and Iyan had an incredible wedding and it was right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles! The Oviatt Penthouse is absolutely stunning, it has a personality all of its own, and I love photographing weddings there. I was thrilled when Kate and Iyan decided to have their... Read more
Gay Couple Celebrates 20 Years of Love
Martin and Chuck were officially united as husband and husband exactly 20 years after their first date. If that doesn’t give you chills and make you tear up, well… then you aren’t a sentimental softy like us! Ha! The PARTY was 2 days later on June 3rd at Autumn... Read more
Same Sex Wedding at Detroit Opera House
Jennifer and Mary Beth met about 10 years ago. They have been a couple ever since. They booked the Detroit Opera House for their wedding and ceremony. Originally, they planned to have a roof-top wedding, but the weather decided otherwise for them. Instead, they united in matrimony in the... Read more