Harma Hartouni Shares His Story on Finding Love and Starting a Family
Harma Hartouni, author of Getting Back Up: A Story of Resilience, Self-Acceptance & Success shares his thoughts about finding love and starting a family. 1. How did you and your husband meet? Was it love at first site? We met at a pizza place at 3:00 a.m. after a long... Read more
Supporting Each Other Through Transition and Recovery: One Couple’s Wedding Day Celebration
Two women help each other through recovery, transition, and overcoming the odds… this is Jessica and Auri’s wedding story. Jessica & Auri have helped each other through it all, Auri helped Jessica through her addiction and Jessica helped Auri through her transition. Together they share two beautiful children and... Read more
DIY Nautical Wedding Day
From wooden flowers and neutral colors, this nautical themed wedding is DIY amazing! Q1: Tell us about your wedding! A1: Kelsey and I went with a rustic style wedding where we incorporated a more neutral color scheme in the decorations as well as our love, sharing memorabilia of personal... Read more
Wedding Planning During a Pandemic
COVID-19’s Unwanted Arrival Since the proposal, Dana and Sean had planned the perfect wedding. Everything was going smoothly until March of last year when COVID-19 hit. A global pandemic can definitely change things. Being essential workers, Dana and Sean had little to no time to prepare for their big... Read more
Love is Love
In a world full of uncertainty and change now is the time celebrate LOVE. Every couple deserves a beautiful wedding regardless of their sexual orientation and that is why we created our “Love is Love wedding reception”. We want to encourage couples to bring their own unique style to... Read more