When a Pandemic Postpones Your Wedding
Megan and Brettina got married at their home in Imlay City, Mi. Brettina and Megan are the SWEETEST people I know. The pandemic moved the date of the wedding and at the end they decided to ditch the venue and just get married at home. Everything felt so personal... Read more
A Surprise Proposal on Move-in Day
Q1: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet? A1: We connected on a well known dating app (we all know the one, lol). Both of us had actually given up on online dating for awhile and just happened to give it another shot at the... Read more
How to Personalize Your Wedding Day
Chris and Rye’s wedding is a great example of how to personalize each detail to match your style for your wedding day! I always love seeing my friends find love and get married. But I Love even more when I am the one they want to capture all the... Read more
Luxe Garden Micro-Wedding
We were inspired by the love that our real-life couple, Anthony and Arturo, share. Anthony being of Italian and Irish descent and Arturo being of Mexican descent, we wanted to meld their personal styles, a splash of their cultures and their love of Vegas luxe, into this styled shoot.... Read more
When Vintage and Modern Marry
5 Tips to Create Your Own DIY Vintage Wedding with a Modern Touch The talented team at The Stylist Abroad has 5 tips to share with you so you can create your own vintage wedding with a modern twist. Bring that vintage vibe with one stand-out piece from your... Read more