Top 5 Tips to Create a Fresh and Unique Wedding Top 5 Tips to Create a Fresh and Unique Wedding
]Looking for ways to plan your wedding that haven’t been overused to the point of becoming trite? You’ve hit gold. Here is your top... Top 5 Tips to Create a Fresh and Unique Wedding

]Looking for ways to plan your wedding that haven’t been overused to the point of becoming trite? You’ve hit gold. Here is your top 5 tips to create a wedding that is fresh, unique, and reflects who you are as a couple. Whether your tastes are daring and outlandish or simple and refined, here you’ll find the wedding planning advice you need to make your day the most special day imaginable.

Great Ways to Spend the Day before the Wedding

Your wedding attendants have (hopefully) worked long and hard over the past few weeks or months of planning, and deserve a special reward. Besides, if they all aren’t already friends, you’ll want them to get to know each other before the ceremony so they’ll be comfortable working together. Instead of a ho-hum rehearsal dinner, consider having a fun field day by taking the whole gang out whitewater rafting or horseback riding. After they’ve worked together on tug-of-war, a horseback trek, or navigating class-five rapids, getting you two down the aisle alive will be a cakewalk.

Alternatives to the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Let’s face it, not everyone has nieces and nephews handy to make automatic flower girls and ring bearers. Many couples are using alternatives to the cute little kids. Grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles, and other golden-wise folks make beautiful flower girls and ring bearers when there aren’t any available munchkins. Even the flowers are replaceable in today’s weddings. Couples can substitute the flower girl cliché with a balloon carrier, a child or adult carrying garland, a parasol, a wagon ride down the aisle, or having someone walk your beloved pet(s) down the aisle instead of flowers.

Make Your Walk down the Aisle Truly Your Own

There are lots of ways to change up the traditional “aisle walk” to better fit your relationship and circumstances. For instance, partners can walk the aisle together, both parents can walk one or both partners to the altar, or someone extra special (such as the person who introduced the two of you, a brother or sister, or even a child) can walk one or both partners down the aisle.

If one or both of you plan to make the iconic walk down the aisle to the altar, consider a runner that chronicles the history of your relationship. It can be a simple timeline write-up, or a more elaborate display including photos of your journey together. The timeline should start with the beginning of the relationship and conclude at the alter with a statement like, “we became one,” or something cheeky like, “tying the knot.”

Super Ways to Honor Your Guests

Consider honoring your guests with something interesting like a guest box instead of the traditional guest book. A guest box is a private area (separated by a hanging sheet or portable walls) where guests can go to privately record a special message to the couple in lieu of signing a guest book.

You can also make the guests seem more like a part of the ceremony by using coasters that allow guests to write helpful advice to the couple, like, “never go to bed angry,” or, “always balance your checking account together.”

If you’re hiring a DJ, consider adding a line to your RSVP cards so that guests can make a song request as they accept your invitation. Any ranch resort, hotel, or other venue that is open to wedding parties will have a list of local entertainment options to choose from, including experienced DJs, live bands, and more.

Fantastic Options to Tossing Rice and Birdseed

Rice is no longer recommended, and is prohibited by law in some places due to the danger it poses to birds. Birdseed is an option, but if you’re looking for something a little spunkier, consider providing your guests with sparklers to see you off (bonus: nobody conks you in the back of the head with a packet of birdseed). Or, have them DIY their own confetti concoctions at a confetti bar.

There are tons of unique and interesting twists to the standard wedding traditions that can make your ceremony extra special for the two of you and your guests.

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