They Found Love Online They Found Love Online
“We actually met online after we both moved to Ohio within three months of each other. Neither of us had made many friends or... They Found Love Online

“We actually met online after we both moved to Ohio within three months of each other. Neither of us had made many friends or romantic connections since we had moved there (about 35 minutes from each other), and both of us had been talking to a couple of other women online when Micaela sent me a ‘flirt’“. However, she was strongly disappointed by the “flirt”, which was basically a “Hey there” from a dating app, so she immediately followed it with an explanation of 1) her disappointment at the emptiness of said “flirt”, followed by 2) how she would have approached true flirting if they had met in person for the first time. Perhaps Micaela should have tried some tips or advice from dating advice sites similar to the likes of Love Dignity, for example. Either way, Micaela must have done something right thereafter, as Carrie was intrigued by her confident and assertive tactics and asked to know more. “From there we began messaging and then texting everyday, and talked on the phone for the first time two weeks later, on Valentine’s Day. Four days later, on February 18, 2017, we had our first date, which was dinner at a Mexican restaurant followed by dancing at a Latin Dance Club, a first for me[Carrie].”

For many people, it’s true that first dates involve a lot of preparation. Finding the right clothes to wear, using sensual cologne or some products like True Pheromones that can enhance attractiveness by releasing natural pheromones(!), making a list of topics to talk about, thinking of ways to keep their attention, and doing the right things to put their best foot forward. But for Carrie and Micaela, things seemed to flow pretty smoothly.

“A week (and two more dates) later, we decided this was something very special and determined our relationship to be exclusive. This started a path of making beautiful memories by having many different adventures including blending our cultures (Mexican and Caucasian) and our families.”

“We decided along the way that we both wanted to propose to each other and that we wanted it to be somewhat of a surprise. However, Carrie had only come out to her conservative, religious parents just one week before we started talking online, so planning the proposals also had to take into account the issue of making big waves in her family. For this reason, we decided to propose to each other just after her birthday, on October 7th (Micaela to Carrie) and October 10th (Carrie to Micaela). Carrie’s parents reacted as we expected and the next few weeks were met with much heartache and conflict as they attempted to come to terms with the news. We planned the wedding day for 6 months from then and hoped that time would help them become more accepting of the idea of marriage.

One thing we both agreed on from the start of our wedding planning was that we wanted it to be very traditional and very spiritual. We wanted to have the wedding in our own beautiful church officiated by our pastor, and we wanted to keep things intimate by only inviting our closest friends and family. Celebrating our union before God in the same way as non-same sex couples do was also very significant to us. Since we believe there is no distinction in the covenant of love between two people regardless of their physical distinctions, we wanted to display this for all in our wedding ceremony.

For the wedding and reception decorations, we were striving for clean lines, simplicity, and elegance. We wanted the primary focus to be the celebration and communal fellowship, so the flowers and candles for the ceremony as well as for the centerpieces were simple yet elegant. We used lavender, light gray, and creme as our colors, which provided a certain ambiance of femininity with joy.

Our reception entry table consisted of items in which our guests could participate like a photo mat to write their best marriage advice and photo albums depicting our adventures during the dating and engagement phases of our journey. For the ‘guest book’, each guest was asked to sign/decorate a small white, wooden heart which was then placed in a frame with a larger lavender wooden heart. We used some small lights, candles, and one vase of flowers to complete the simple look.

Two excellent suggestions that our event decorator had given turned out to be very financially wise as well as providing more elegance and simplicity. She told us first that some people bring the large flower arrangements from their ceremony into the reception hall to give another burst of floral decor without spending additional money (genius!). The second piece of advice was to use all of the bouquets, the brides and bridesmaids, as the centerpieces for the bridal table. Not only did this look immaculate but it was a perfect way to maintain the bouquets until we were ready to take them home or send them off for preservation. Since we hand-picked (and paid for) these flowers, why not put them to further use in a beautiful setting?

Probably the best piece of advice we received was to truly be in the moment on the day of wedding and let the vendors do their jobs. Since we did not hire a wedding coordinator, we relied on the reviews of previous couples and the reputation of the vendors to help us choose them. We ended up with 13 different vendors, but they delivered exactly what they said and coordinated together instead of relying on us to make it happen. Selecting the right vendors was, for us, the deciding factor for truly being able to enjoy our wedding day by letting everything go and allowing them to do their amazing jobs while we had only one job-to enjoy the hard work we had done leading up to our special day and to make forever memories. We did this…and it was 100% worth it!! What a day we will never forget and it was captured all by our phenomenal photographer!”

Ceremony Location: Harmony Creek Church
Equipment Rentals: Entertainment Unlimited Events
DJ: Everlasting Sounds
Bakery: Twist Cupcakery
Caterer: Heritage Catering
Floral Designer: Floral V Designs
Photographer: Sarah Babcock Studio