A Proposal Story
Martina and Amber’s Proposal Story (An African American Lesbian Love Story) “We are both originally from Philadelphia, and initially met 11 years ago. There was an attraction, but nothing more than brief conversations came of it. Somehow we were never in the same setting at the same time, despite... Read more
Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet? Scott: We met on a dating app called Scruff. Basically, you “woof” at men you think are good looking (perfect for all the dog lovers, LOL). Craig woofed at me first, so I messaged him back. It just... Read more
Proposal in a Bottle
A bottle found in the sand with a message of true love. Ryan surprised the love of his life Brandon by planting a message in a bottle. When they ‘found’ it, it was the surprise of his life! Congratulation you two! You had us all tearing up. Thank you... Read more