Gay Couple Marries After 26 Years!
  How did you meet? We met through mutual friends during college at Mizzou (the University of Missouri-Columbia). We knew each other for about a year, then started dating. After a few months, we decided to live together; then a year later, we moved to Chicago together to start... Read more
Amazing Couple Gets Married After 27 Years!
This amazing couple got married after 27 years. Read about their love story here… From the groom: ” We met 27 years ago at a mutual friend’s party in Philadelphia. Scott had just recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and just got a job as a stockbroker for... Read more
12 Must Have Conversations Before You Make Your Vows
12 Must Have Conversations Before You Make Your Vows (Dr. Walkup, is a licensed marriage and family therapist for over forty years and has been married for about the same amount of time.) Have you ever wondered what you need to talk about before you get married? As a... Read more
Same-sex couple legally married after 16 years
Heidi & Tracy had been together for 16 years when SCOTUS legalized same-sex marriage. We had known for years we wanted to be each other’s ‘person’ and made a ‘through good & bad, sickness & health, richer or poorer’ commitment to each other about 10 years ago. When the... Read more
Rainbow-Themed Wedding: 10 Ways to Include Gay Pride in Your Day
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