Bubble Tap Trailer-serving Prosecco on tap!
The Bubble Tap Trailer is a fully renovated 1953 vintage canned ham camper trailer that has been converted into a mobile bar serving Prosecco on tap. It is self-contained and compact in size so it fits into most event spaces, making it absolutely perfect for weddings! We can also... Read more
Weddings, Wine & Cigars: The Perfect Combination!
Wine and cigars often make an appearance at weddings. Why not design your wedding theme around the two? Read some of the tips below from this styled shoot featuring married couple Benedict and Allan to create the perfect wedding with a masculine and minimalist approach. Keep an eye out... Read more
Dare to Be Gold (or Platinum) with Stunning Lenox Dinnerware
Simplicity doesn’t equal boring, and that’s especially the case with Lenox’s Federal Gold and Federal Platinum dinnerware. These delicately-rimmed place settings will add a touch of sparkle onto your dinner table without feeling over-the-top. The simple design lends itself to being used for a wide variety of occasions, and... Read more
Take Your Dinner From Drab to Fab with Lenox Vintage Jewel Dinnerware
Gatsby may have ruled Long Island and NYC in the early 1920s, but now it’s your turn. You have a style that’s eclectic and warm with a knack for pairing unusual designs. With your appreciation for the finer things in life, you’ll need a tablescape suited for garden parties... Read more
Full-Fashion Entertaining With Lenox
When you’re looking to purchase your first real dinnerware set, it can be difficult because there are so many options. While you may want to go with something funky, you might worry it will go out of style in only a year or two, leaving you with an outdated... Read more