Summer Wedding Trends You Must See! Summer Wedding Trends You Must See!
If you’re imagining the perfect outdoor wedding, summertime might be the best season for you to say, “I do.” From the warmth of sunshine... Summer Wedding Trends You Must See!

If you’re imagining the perfect outdoor wedding, summertime might be the best season for you to say, “I do.” From the warmth of sunshine and longer days, to the clean and exciting color combinations, summertime allows weddings to embrace so many fabulous details in a time of year when your loved ones feel full of life and energized by the season. If you have set your date for this stunning season, here are a few tips and tricks for hosting the most flawless summer wedding.

Make It Your Own

First and foremost, make sure that the details of your wedding reflect who you are as a couple. Themes, color combinations, and decor are great ways to bring your vision to life. Do you picture a wedding that embraces the outdoors with a rustic, yet charming theme? Or maybe you’ve always pictured your wedding with details that are minimalistic and ethereal. No matter what you envision, make sure that the details you put together are exactly the way you envision them!

Casual Mismatched Attire

One of the best aspects of hosting a summertime wedding is the flexibility to use various color palettes and themes. Light colored suits, peek-a-boo socks, and gowns with casual flair are trends that are perfect for the summer. Unless your wedding’s theme is elegant and sophisticated, ditch the formal attire and consider something more lighthearted and laid-back. One trend taking over this wedding season is the mismatch style of wedding party attire. For your bridal party, mix-and-match your bridesmaids’ dresses like a pro through the length, patterns, and colors that match your wedding’s theme. Allow the personalities of your bridesmaids to shine by choosing dresses that flatter to their unique body types and personal styles. Groomsmen should consider smaller details when it comes to differentiating their style. If you’re looking for a rental that is casual and summer-chic, consider checking out the online suit and tuxedo rental company, The Black Tux. Suit up with the groomsmen in a suit or tuxedo and consider mix-matching smaller details like socks, ties, and pocket squares. The Black Tux has your groomsmen accessories covered as well. Phyllis Fong, of Men’s Journal, states that not only is The Black Tux a better black tie rental, but “the formalwear outfitter also provides necessary trappings like dress shirts, bow ties, cufflinks, and shoes – including rentable black Converses if you’re so inclined.” You don’t have to be nervous to add small, unique details that can help your wedding party to stand out, so feel free to let your wedding party suggest theme-related options that make them and you feel most comfortable!

Details of Decor

Bring the details of your wedding together through the decor that you choose. From glowing lanterns that illuminate the smiles of your wedding guests on the dance floor, to green vines that grace the ceilings and railings of your venue, the lively details make a difference. One of the hottest trends for weddings this summer is ‘do-it-yourself,’ or ‘DIY,’ decor. Get your wedding party together and create centerpieces or floral arrangements to relieve some pre-wedding jitters and create a unique atmosphere on your big day! If you’re considering an outdoor wedding, think about the gorgeous details that nature has to offer. Draw inspiration from the hues of golden sunshine, green grass, and sun-kissed skin, and let them bring your special day to life. Mountain ranges, coastlines, and country fields are all beautiful picturesque backdrops for your special day.

Say, “I Do” To The Venue!

Whether it’s on a covered rooftops or outside a country barns, love is in the air and embracing the great outdoors is the best way to take advantage of this wedding season. If you’re picturing a wedding under a great blue sky, consider a wedding in a country field or on a beach on the coast. Host your summer soiree in a garden and give your wedding a theme that feels formal and enchanting. Make travel easier on your guests by hosting your wedding and reception at the same location. Renovated countryside barns make for the perfect wedding reception, and often offer a location to host your ceremony, too. If your venue is outdoors, make sure to establish a backup wedding plan for unpredicted weather in advance.

Fun with Food

Consider stepping away from the traditional wedding cake and offering your guests food options that are fun and creative. Wedding donut walls and wedding cake-flavored cake pops are a cute, trendy way for couples to help their guests take part in the experience of their wedding. You could create a signature cocktail for your special day, or offer your guests a build-your-own cocktail station. If you’re thinking about offering your guests a more interactive experience, consider hiring a food truck for your reception! No matter if you’re serving picnic-style food or a morning brunch, don’t be afraid to offer food options that stray from the traditional wedding reception. Who knows, you may even inspire some soon-to-be spouses to adopt some of your fun food options at their own wedding!

From the endless venue possibilities to the ability to capture any wedding theme with a little spark of creativity, there are many reasons to host a wedding in the summer. Pick your favorite trends or make up your own, but make sure that your special day is exactly the way you envision it. Make your summertime wedding stand out from the rest through your unique style! And, of course, don’t forget the entertainment! Take a look at the bands for hire over on Headliner, like wedding bands essex.

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