Small Elopement on the Beach Small Elopement on the Beach
Looking back, there is no doubt in mind that Krys was my saving grace. I had a long term relationship that had ended prior... Small Elopement on the Beach

Looking back, there is no doubt in mind that Krys was my saving grace. I had a long term relationship that had ended prior to meeting her. The ending of my previous relationship put me in a downward spiral with so much pressure to re-evaluate my “life plan.” I had this perfect plan in my head…be married by 30 years old, try for children before my 30th birthday, and be promoted in my workplace to a certain rank. At age 28, all of that was thrown off the tracks, but it was God’s plan. I just didn’t know it yet.

After some time of being single, my roommate convinced me to try dating websites/apps. I had always had a strong opinion about dating apps and not using them and trusting people on them. I figured what could I lose and proceeded to download Bumble. Within a week, I didn’t know it then, but I had matched with my forever.

My first date with Krys was going camping at Frontier Town, near Ocean City, Maryland, with some of her friends. Through the first date, I found I was quickly attracted to Krys and her personality, ethics, morals and values. I quickly learned she was also going through a tough divorce which included the loss of seeing two children who she raised with her previous significant other for almost seven years.

What started as a friendship, bonding over hard times but having positive and inspiring thoughts of the future, turned into the ultimate love story of a lifetime. Everything fell into place as the months continued on. Families and friends supported us, ours views on life perfectly complimented each other’s, and our morals, ethics and values truly aligned. The thoughts of this woman being the mother to our future children found their way into my head every single day and night.

We got engaged December 1, 2019 and immediately planned to get married on May 17, 2020 at Herrington on the Bay. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19/Coronavirus, we cancelled the wedding and it was determined God had a different plan in mind, yet again. On June 13, 2020, Krys and I had an elopement ceremony on the sandy beach of Herrington the Bay and pledged our love, honor and commitment to each other and became wife and wife.

Looking back, you realize people always say, “Everything happens for a reason.” I always agreed with the statement but for the first time in my life, I had finally experienced it. She was God’s plan for me the entire time. All the tears, hardships and heartbreak led me to the very best person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting…and lucky for me, she’s now my wife.

Officiant: Rachael Zajac
Reception Venue: The Inn at Bay Harbor
Jewelry: Jared
Beauty: Dontbshy Beauty
Event Venue: Herrington on the Bay
Photographer: LB Photography