September Wedding in Toronto September Wedding in Toronto
We wanted our wedding to be different! We wanted to showcase our style, which worked out perfectly when we saw and fell in love... September Wedding in Toronto

We wanted our wedding to be different! We wanted to showcase our style, which worked out perfectly when we saw and fell in love with the unique Airship37 in Toronto. Airship37 has an industrial feel with the Edison string lights, a giant propeller hanging from the ceiling, sheet metal walls, garage doors etc! We didn’t need to add much to this beautiful space. We did not use the same color palette for the attire and decor. We knew we wanted blue and burgundy for the attire, perfect for a September wedding!

As for the decor, we wanted to focus on the industrial theme so we really highlighted the use of metals, woods and simple greenery. Traditions went out the window! We got ready in the same suite (without seeing each other of course…had to keep one small tradition alive!), saw each other during a “first look” before the ceremony and went straight into our wedding photos. We signed the papers before walking down the aisle,  had informal speeches during cocktail hour and axed the cake cutting and bouquet toss so we could get right into the dancing!

We had a blast with the decor! My beautifully talented wife, Dasa did all the design work for the invitations, menus/donation cards, seating chart, table numbers, light boxes, entrance sign…shall I go on!? Dasa’s Dad welded copper pipes together to make our table number and seating chart stands.We were lucky enough to purchase (at an extremely low cost, thanks to Elora Brewing Company) our craft beer bottle centerpieces which we filled with babies breath and spray roses. The beer bottles went nicely with the black metal lanterns and the copper table numbers. The look was finished off perfectly with greenery down the middle of the tables. Above the bar, we had a giant “LOVE” marquee sign, which ended up being the perfect backdrop for our reception photos!The venue didn’t need a lot of decor, but the little accent pieces gave it a nice warm feel! Scattered all over the venue were small glass candles.

There were a few special moments throughout the day to honor and remember my (Kathryn’s) late mom. A picture of her on our wall shelf with an “I hope you dance” sign (which was our song). My cousin, who was my maid of honor wore my mom’s wedding ring for the day, we made a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society in lieu of traditional wedding favors and last but definitely not least… I danced with my dad to “I hope you dance” and halfway through the song my brothers, my mom’s sisters and her dad joined us to finish the song. The entire day was surreal. We can’t pick just one part that was our favorite! The day was perfect. We had the perfect wedding party and guests who helped make it a day we will never forget!

Oh yeah, let’s talk fashion!!! Let’s start with Dasa. Let’s just say Dasa is not into dresses (you wouldn’t know it with how GORGEOUS she looked). We argued back and forth about whether or not I would go with her to pick her dress. Long story short, she won that battle. We went to David’s Bridal where we told them “listen, I know we only have a 2-hour block but she’s not leaving this store without a dress so let us have more time”. She ended up with the perfect dress! It was an A-line ivory dress with blush floral detail. She had her fancy sandals for her classy look and busted out her burgundy checkered VANS for when the party got started!I had my suit picked out before I even proposed!! (kidding…kind of!) I had my suit custom made by Hugo from M2M (Made2Measure) in Toronto. It was a dark blue suit with a hand-picked colorful design inside with “Handcrafted for Kathryn Poisson” stitched inside the jacket. I had a burgundy skinny tie with a light pink floral design and brown belt, watch and shoes to tie it all together.

Question: What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

I think we can both agree that it was calling each other WIFEY FOR LIFEY! We wanted everything to be perfect and for everyone to enjoy the day, but in the end, we wanted to be married! It was that simple! Looking into her eyes, reading our own vows in front of all our family and friends was the highlight of the day and something we will always talk about!

Question: Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

If Dasa was writing this she would say “ELOPE!” because wedding planning is not her specialty! I would have to say…enjoy it! Don’t stress about things you can’t control and remember, the day is about you and your fiance!!! Oh also…get a day of wedding coordinator. What a life saver!!!

Venue: Berkeley Events
Reception Venue: Berkeley Events
Photographer: Van Daele & Russell