Same-sex Wedding at an Apple Orchard! Same-sex Wedding at an Apple Orchard!
This same-sex wedding is at the most unique wedding venue: an apple orchard! Megan and Tristia were married the first day of August at... Same-sex Wedding at an Apple Orchard!

This same-sex wedding is at the most unique wedding venue: an apple orchard! Megan and Tristia were married the first day of August at the Harvest Apple Orchard in Jordan, MN. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and the orchard was incredibly private, rustic, and fun. The wedding was gorgeous, with a ceremony hidden in the woods, and a barn reception. This was the first same sex marriage we had shot since it had become legal, so it was incredibly meaningful to see the two of them exchange their vows. The orchard provided a lovely area hidden within the woods for a private ceremony, in which the guests were brought to via tractors. It was a nice area for both the privacy of the ceremony and to cool down in the shade. The brides were dressed in beautiful gowns, complete with teal and purple Converse sneakers, which we found both awesome and a comfortable alternative to heels and dress shoes so commonly worn by brides. The desserts for the reception were made entirely by their families, so there was a mix of many different treats, including brownies, rice crispy bars, cakes, and more. At the end of the day, we were leaving, only to find that the sun was setting beautifully when we left the orchard. We immediately drove back, grabbed the brides, and proceeded to take a series of lovely sunset photos. This proved to us, once again, that our last images are always our best images.


Photographer: RKH Images

Invitation Designer: Birchwood Marketing

Dress Store: Bride to Be Consignment

Shoes: Converse

Ring Designer: Diamonds Direct

Dress Designer: Encore

Other Location: Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard

Submitted via Two Bright Lights