Same-sex Renaissance Styled Wedding Same-sex Renaissance Styled Wedding
Thank you to Nicci and LJ for sharing their beautiful same-sex renaissance styled wedding shoot! (Submitted by Meghan Gutteron at MAG Events.) Words from the couple:... Same-sex Renaissance Styled Wedding

Thank you to Nicci and LJ for sharing their beautiful same-sex renaissance styled wedding shoot! (Submitted by Meghan Gutteron at MAG Events.)

Words from the couple:

  1. How long have you been together? Married?

Nic and I met at a soccer team tryout on August 29th 2002. You know you’re a good match when the both attempt to knock each other off the ball the first chance you get. After dating for four years, and since we couldn’t legally get married in the States, we decided to have a private ceremony on an island near Belize. Fortunately, we were able to officially tie the knot last year (July 11th 2014). I never thought legal recognition would mean so much to us.

  1. How did you know your spouse was right for you?

We got along famously right from the start since we shared so many common interests. One of my favorite similarities is our biology-related degrees, and our separate pursuit of the arts outside of our primary careers. But more importantly, I saw how she interacted with others. Regardless if it was a close friend or a complete stranger, Nic always gave everyone a big smile and treated them kindly.

…And, I won’t lie—since we’re both similar in size and have like styles—having a double wardrobe.

  1. What has changed in your relationship since the beginning of your commitment to each other?

Besides our aging bodies? Any uncertainty. All of those uncomfortable questions about trust and love have disappeared over time. We’re best friends and trust each other completely.

  1. What are the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome in your relationship?

Initially we had a few bumps in the road trying to decide how to save and spend money, but we smoothed that out pretty quickly. Since most couples fight about money, I wanted to make sure we agreed on where we were headed and we showed that we could keep our goals before getting married.

  1. How do you keep an open and honest communication?

The little stuff is really, really important. We agreed to never lie to each other, even if the matter seemed trivial, unless it was to spare the other person unnecessary grief. That’s been huge. We don’t keep any secrets from each other, and although neither of us check up on the other person’s accounts, we both have full access to all emails, phones, etc. Just having that access, even though we don’t use it, leaves no room for doubt.

  1. What is your theory on arguing? A necessary evil or something to be avoided?

Arguing is okay—fighting should be avoided. We’ve worked hard to identify things that trigger each other, and, more importantly, that “certain time that can render a person more likely to be grumpy and grouchy.” Hey—two women living together can be tough a few days a month. But I think the most important thing we’ve tried to do in each argument is ask ourselves: “Am I going to make the situation worse or better by what I want to say?”

  1. What are the most important attributes of a good spouse?

Excellent listener and communicator, follows through, delights in your idiosyncrasies, is willing to put up with your family, gets along with your friends, and loves you for you.

…And occasionally lets you eat all the frosting off their cake.

  1. Did you raise a family? Why or why not?

Wait—do dogs count? No, we decided not to have kids. There is a laundry list of reasons, but I think the most important thing is that it is a personal decision that each couple has to make for themselves.

  1. When life gets busy, what do you do to stay focused on each other?

No matter what, we always find time for each other. The weekdays are usually crazy, so we set aside time during the weekends. This is so important. If you don’t make a conscious effort to connect, things can start to drift.

  1. What advice would you give to a couple that is just engaged?

Nothing ever stays the same. Even your love for each other will grow and transform over time. Stay true to each other, and yourself, and make sure you approach every situation with kindness and consideration in your heart.

Venue: Private Home in Platteville, CO

Colors: Burgundy and gold with mint blue accents

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