Same-sex couple wins a free wedding! Same-sex couple wins a free wedding!
Read about this amazing same-sex couple that won a wedding! From the photographers: Tony and I first met Donn and Dale about a couple of... Same-sex couple wins a free wedding!

Read about this amazing same-sex couple that won a wedding!

From the photographers: Tony and I first met Donn and Dale about a couple of months ago, and let me tell you, there was an instant connection. It felt like we had known Donn and Dale for years- which is a very rare occurrence, in my opinion. We had so much fun getting to know this dynamic duo and we were so excited to get to photograph for them.

Donn and Dale have been together for 20 years. Their story began in a bar (the old fashioned way, as Donn described it). Donn said that It was close to closing time when Dale came up to him and told him that he had to tell him before he left that he liked his blue eyes (how sweet). They exchanged numbers and Donn called him the very next weekend. Dale lived in Ohio and Donn lived in Pennsylvania when they were first together, so they had to date long-distance for a little while.

They were officially engaged on June 26, 2015, the day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in Ohio and nationwide. Donn said that after a 20 year history together, they were already committed to each other, so when Dale called him, ecstatic on June 26th, they knew they’d get married soon. They planned their wedding ceremony to be in Mexico in early October because good friends of theirs offered their property to them. Jealous? So they whooped it up in Mexico with some close friends and family and FINALLY got married! Tony and I would have LOVED to photograph their ceremony, but alas, they had already committed to another photographer [before they met us, of course 😉 ].

Their wedding reception was held in late October in Ohio. THAT’s a whole other story… Tony and I were connected with Donn and Dale in a non-typical sort of way. What I mean is that they didn’t contact MakRabbitt for our services via the Knot, wedding wire or any other site, nor did we reach out to them specifically via marketing. Tony had entered Mak Rabbitt Photography into a contest put together by Red Brick Occasions. Red Brick reached out to a couple of different vendors to donate their services, pro bono for a great cause: marriage equality. Same-sex couples who wanted to win this contest had to submit their love story to Red Brick in order to be chosen for their wedding reception giveaway (which was a $12,000 value). Donn and Dale’s story ended up being chosen. Since many vendors offered their services for this cause, Donn and Dale had some homework to do. They had to choose which vendors they wanted to go with, which meant they needed to choose their photographer. Let me tell you, we are SO happy they chose us! Dale and Donn did not purchase new wedding bands for themselves. Instead, they kept the rings they got at a protest for marriage equality many years ago. After a couple of years of wear and tear, the rings lost their shine and bold, black detailing.

A friend of theirs offered to spruce up their rings for them and made them look just how they looked the day they got them. They said these rings mean more to them than any new ring could. Red Brick Occasions is an event venue operated by Sidecar Global Catering, located in Downtown Columbus. It offers an urban and industrial feel, featuring exposed brick, steal beams, hardwood floors and soft lighting. Owner Scott Heimlich operates Sidecar, which offers food and services established by their sister company, Barcelona Restaurant. If you haven’t experienced dining at Barcelona, you should definitely put it on your list to try. Tony and I had such a great time photographing Donn and Dale’s reception. Their family and friends were so kind, gracious…and hilarious! Below are some of the photos we took of their awesome reception.

Photographer:  Mak Rabbitt Photography LLC//DJ: Dangerous Events Inc.//Reception Venue: Sidecar Global Catering//Caterer: Sidecar Global Catering//Cake Designer: Suisse Shop//Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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