Relaxed Wedding Weekends Relaxed Wedding Weekends
Megan and Marisa had a beautiful spring wedding weekend in the mountains. They wanted their day to have a laid back atmosphere, and to... Relaxed Wedding Weekends

Megan and Marisa had a beautiful spring wedding weekend in the mountains. They wanted their day to have a laid back atmosphere, and to just have fun in the woods with their friends and family.

Tell us about your wedding!

Our wedding was actually over a weekend at Lydia Mountains, in Stanardsville VA, near Shenandoah. We specifically wanted to have a wedding in an outdoors atmosphere that could be extended over a weekend. We also wanted a fire pit! Our inspiration for this was actually based on my uncle’s wedding. It was an entire wedding weekend, which I loved. The weather was beautiful, the whole thing was outdoors, the stars were out, but really what I loved was that it ¬†gave everyone, family and friends, the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. So we went for it! We also recognized that it was going to be early spring and we didn’t know what the weather was going to be like which is partially why Lydia Mountains was perfect. It provided us with indoor and outdoor atmosphere. We wanted everything to be very relaxed, yet classy. The color patterns were charcoal gray and lavender. As for the ceremony, neither of us are particularly religious, but we do consider ourselves spiritual. Rev. Kate was amazing at tying in the spiritual aspect of our marriage and keeping us very grounded and in the moment.

Did you personalize the day in any way (food trucks, guest entertainment etc.)? What were some of your favorite parts of your wedding?

One thing in particular that we loved was that we had the best of both worlds. There was the indoors, ¬†with the dance floor and DJ, but if that wasn’t someone’s thing there was the outdoors, beautiful weather, tables and a fire pit. It also provided us, two introverts, with the opportunity to decompress from all the attention for short periods of time if we felt like we needed it. At the very end of the night when the DJ was packed up and the caterers were gone we spent some time just sitting around the fire pit chatting with our friends. Between the weekend with everyone and the fire pit, we really enjoyed ourselves.

How did you meet? Tell us about the proposal.

Like any good quiet, introverts in the 21st century, we met online! She messaged me one day, starting off with something like ” I never do this, but…” and she thought that there was no way that I would respond…but I did! After talking for a few days we eventually had our first date, a few drinks at Clyde’s, followed by a few games of pool at a bar across the street ( I won!) We quickly became inseparable. I proposed to Marisa one night over a scrabble game accompanied by a dinner of home cooked eggplant parm with sausage and meatballs. Towards the end of the scrabble game I handed Marisa a puzzle box. In it was a note from my cat, Silly, explaining that she believed that Marisa had been trained well enough and asked her to be her mommy. I also snuck the engagement ring into the tile bag. She finally got the puzzle box open at the very end of the game and read the note while she was picking the last tile pieces….and her ring! Then I kicked out my spare scrabble tiles from behind the coffee table that were glued together to spell out Will you Marry Me? She said yes!

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

It is all worth it. This is your day, and you should do it your way. Also, try to surround yourself with people that will make it all easier, whatever that means for you. Whether that means helping you make decisions or just being a calm presence if the attention thing isn’t you. We did that and it made a world of difference. Even our vendors made us feel at ease. All of them were great, starting with the photographer, who completely understood our aversion to posed photos and want for a lot of candids. Especially the officiant, who spent time getting to know us and made our ceremony so personal. She made it so easy to focus on the ceremony in the moment. It was a moment that I imaged the rest of the world would just fall away because all that mattered was us and what that moment meant for us, and it did. It was just us up there. So definitely make it yours and do it your way.

Apparel: Suit Supply
Bridesmaid Dresses: Vanel Designs
Dress Designer: Sareh Nouri
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Bindle and Keep
Equipment Rentals: MS Events
Ring Designer: Michael Gabriels
Ring Designer: Allurez
Cake Designer: Chandler’s Bakery
Caterer: Blue Ridge Cafe & Catering
DJ: Nathaniel Davis Music
Officiant: Reverend Kate Adamson
Floral Designer: Colonial Florist
Event Planner: Lauren Donnally Events
Event Venue: Lydia Mountain
Photographer: Megan Rei Photography