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Moving in together is a huge step in any couple’s relationship. With that said, it is more important than ever to practice the art... Moving In Together

Moving in together is a huge step in any couple’s relationship. With that said, it is more important than ever to practice the art of compromising.

Whether you already live together and are moving to a new space, or moving in together for the first time, Ross Sapir, CEO and Founder of Roadway Moving, one of NYC’s premiere moving companies, has compiled a list of tips to help you and your significant other move in together with ease.

Make Separate Lists of Your Perfect Home – Both of you may have similar wants and needs when it comes to purchasing or renting the perfect home, but there will be some things that you disagree on. Make a list of your wants and needs in a home, then discuss what the most important items are for both of you and compromise by eliminating the less important items on your lists. Compromising is a must to find the best home for you both as a couple. You can use this Apartment Guide to find a property that suits both your needs and is the best match for you as a couple.

Decorate Together – While choosing curtain patters or paint colors may not be either of your favorite projects, it’s important to still do it together. If you guys moving out of his bachelor pad or your girl is leaving her feminine space behind, you will both need to bring your personality into your new home. Choose styles that make you both comfortable and fit both of your needs. If it is a must that your man has his flat-screen television and large leather recliner set for his entertaining, then compromise to find a place in the house that it is important you add your own feminine touch too, such as the bedroom.

Consolidate FairlyMoving in together likely means you will have less room for all of your personal items as sharing closet space is going to be inevitable. As important as your items are to you, your significant other’s items are just as important. Don’t expect the other to leave all of his/her belongings behind. It is all about compromise; this is a huge adjustment, but if you both give equally, you will find your separate lives really do mesh well together.

Renovation – Unless you have built a new home from the foundation up, chances are there will be parts of the house you and your partner plan to renovate. It could be a redesigning of the interior of the house, or it could be that you need some roofing services to come in to fix up a leaking roof. Either way, if you plan to take it one project at a time, be sure to sit and discuss the timeline and the necessity in renovating each space. Home renovations can lead to big expenses, so it is important for you both to agree each step of the way.

Discuss Money Before MovingUnfortunately moving comes with extra costs such as down payments, renter’s fees, hiring movers such as movers Chicago, etc. that need to be planned for. Be honest with each other about what you can and cannot afford – it will save a lot of added stress once you have to start making payments. Decide who will pay for what before you make your move.

Discuss Household Chores Moving in together will change both of your daily or weekly cleaning routines. Understand how you both are used to living and who will be responsible for what and when: laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc. Expecting the other to do the chores will only result in an argument. Be sure to share the responsibilities in ways you both see fit.

Pet TerritoryBoth of you may have a pet prior to moving in with each other or it may just be one of you. However, be sure you are clear with each other before moving about where the pet is allowed to roam inside. While one of you may love to cuddle with your furry friend in bed, the other may be completely opposed. Decide where in the house your pet is allowed to be to make you both comfortable.

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