Let’s Plan the Honeymoon of Your Dreams Let’s Plan the Honeymoon of Your Dreams
The day of your wedding finally arrived, and just like that it is over. It was the best day of your life and you... Let’s Plan the Honeymoon of Your Dreams

The day of your wedding finally arrived, and just like that it is over. It was the best day of your life and you are on cloud nine reliving every detail that you spent what seemed like forever planning. Still, the amount of time and energy you put into those plans was completely worth it. The happy memories of that day will last a lifetime. Riding that wave of post-wedding momentum and euphoria, it is now time for your honeymoon! This is definitely not something that should be placed on the back burner. Instead, take time to discuss with your partner and come to an agreement on what type of trip you want, and start planning. Would you like to travel around Europe, experiencing the private guided tours of Turkey, or perhaps even a tour of Paris or would you prefer to visit a tropical paradise? There’s so much to think of, so don’t get so wrapped up in details of planning the day of your wedding that you sacrifice this exciting event!

If I Could Go Anywhere…?

Every couple is different, so make sure you spend some time researching where you would like to go. There are so many fabulous LGBTQ-Friendly places to choose from. Take a honeymoon quiz to help narrow down your choices. Do you want to do something relaxing? Something adventurous? Something cultural? It really depends on the type of trip you want. Once you decide on a location, the real fun can begin. Take a look at all the amenities available at your location. Spending some time doing research, even if it is on the plane ride to the destination, can make your time there even more enjoyable. From spas, to restaurants, to excursions, have an idea of what you and your partner would like to do; and keep in mind these all tend to get booked up rather fast. If you want to stay somewhere private, luxurious and with the perfect weather, take a look at the places available from Exceptional Villas.

Get Your Checklist Ready

Packing for this trip will be the last thing on your mind as your wedding day approaches. However, to have the best time possible, there are some things to consider when it comes to your honeymoon luggage. Be sure to do some investigating about the type of weather at your location as you want to have appropriate clothes for the climate. Often while on vacation you tend to do quite a bit of walking, so making sure you pack a good pair of athletic shoes with support would be a good idea. Take a look at the excursions you booked and the restaurants you want to try and bring appropriate attire for your plans; something that will be comfortable for the type of excursions you booked and some dressy outfits for your big nights out are essential. When traveling, unplanned issues happen all the time. Bring your own homemade first aid kit filled with wellness items. Tylenol, vitamins, band aids and sunscreen are usually a good place to start. If you’re not going too far afield and plan to take your own car with you, make sure you have a first aid kit in your car too – you can never be too safe! You get more details here about the sort of car first aid kits that are out there. Also, make sure you to bring any of your emergency medications and have them on hand; from asthma puffers to motion sickness remedies. If you are looking to be extra prepared for those romantic honeymoon nights, consider Sildenafil just to make sure everything and everyone will be able to perform, even while on vacation.

The Not So Glamorous Part

Expect the unexpected when it comes to traveling. Organize all of your documents before you get to the airport. Depending on where you go, you may need to bring a travel visa so make sure to apply for one with enough time in advance. Here is a list of countries with which papers Americans need for traveling. Make sure you also double check your flight times and arrive a few hours early, so you don’t miss them. There is nothing worse than starting your trip on the wrong foot. At the same time, so many variables have to perfectly align for your travel to be flawless. Make sure your clothes are comfortable to travel in and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated to make sure you and your partner are ready for anything.

After the best day of your life, this is your chance to have the best vacation of your life. Your honeymoon should be representative of what is important to you and your partner as you start your lives together. This is another chance to form irreplaceable memories with your partner and truly enjoy each others company. There is nothing more relaxing or fun than being on vacation with someone you love, so make the most of it and live it up!

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