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Is Nolan gay in revenge?

When the popular American television series Revenge started airing in September 2011, its fans immediately became hooked on the characters’ lives and juicy plot twists. One of the most intriguing characters on the show was Nolan Ross, a tech genius and close friend of the protagonist Emily Thorne. As the story went on, some viewers began to wonder about Nolan’s sexuality. This blog post will explore the question, “Is Nolan gay in Revenge?” by providing evidence for and against the idea.

Evidence For Nolan Being Gay

One of the most convincing pieces of evidence for Nolan being gay is his relationship with Tyler Barrol. Tyler was a disturbed and manipulative character who threatened to expose Emily’s true identity, and Nolan knew that he needed to stop Tyler in order to protect his friend. To this end, Nolan began a physical relationship with Tyler in order to gather information and ultimately undermine him. While it is true that Nolan could have simply used Tyler without any sexual involvement, the fact that he chose to do so nonetheless implies that he is attracted to men.

Another piece of evidence can be found in Nolan’s personal life. Although the show never explicitly discusses Nolan’s sexuality, there are a few hints that he may be gay or bisexual. For example, Nolan describes himself as a “3” on the Kinsey scale in an episode of the show. This scale, which was developed by Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s, ranks people’s sexual orientation on a scale from 0 (exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual). A score of 3 represents bisexuality, which would suggest that Nolan is attracted to both men and women.

Evidence Against Nolan Being Gay

On the other hand, some viewers argue that Nolan is not gay and that his relationship with Tyler was simply a means to an end. While it is true that this relationship is the most suggestive evidence for Nolan’s sexuality, it could also be seen as a tactical decision rather than a romantic one. Nolan was willing to do whatever it took to protect Emily, and if that meant behaving in a sexually ambiguous manner, then he was willing to do so.

Furthermore, Nolan never has any other romantic or sexual relationships with men throughout the series. While this fact alone does not necessarily mean that Nolan is not gay, it does suggest that he is not exclusively attracted to men. If he were gay or even bisexual, it might be reasonable to assume that he would have had other romantic interests or encounters with men during the course of the show.


So, is Nolan gay in Revenge? The truth is that it is difficult to say for sure. While some viewers point to the relationship between Nolan and Tyler as evidence of his homosexuality, others argue that the relationship was solely strategic. Additionally, Nolan’s own comments about his sexuality on the Kinsey scale suggest that he is bisexual, but there is no other evidence that he has been romantically or sexually involved with men.

In the end, the answer to this question remains shrouded in mystery. Perhaps the beauty of Nolan’s character is that he is complex enough to resist easy categorization. Regardless of his sexual orientation, Nolan Ross is a dynamic and important character in the world of Revenge, and his presence on the show adds depth and intrigue to the story.


Who is the gay guy on Revenge?

Revenge is a popular drama series that aired from 2011 to 2015. Throughout its four season run, the show featured a range of characters, each with their unique personality and backstory, including several characters who identified as LGBTQ+. While the show tackled topics such as betrayal, love, and revenge, it also delved into the complexities and nuances of LGBTQ+ life, including the challenges that the community faces.

One of the notable characters in the show is Nolan Ross, who is often referred to as the “gay guy” on Revenge. Nolan is played by actor Gabriel Mann, who is known for his distinctive roles in various TV shows and movies. Nolan is a rich tech genius who becomes one of the main allies of lead character Emily Thorne. Despite being a supporting character, Nolan’s strong personality, witty humor, and willingness to help out his friends make him an integral part of the show’s overall narrative.

Throughout the series, Nolan is portrayed as a complex character with many layers. His sexuality is just one facet of his persona, and while it is important to his character’s overall development, it is not his defining trait. Nolan’s sexuality is explored in various ways throughout the show, including his romantic storylines with male characters such as Tyler Barrol and Tony Hughes.

Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan, has been praised for his portrayal of the character. Not only does he bring a unique perspective to the role, but he also takes great care to ensure that Nolan is written and portrayed as an authentic LGBTQ+ character. This includes speaking out about the need for better representation of LGBTQ+ characters in media and advocating for more diverse and inclusive storytelling.

The “gay guy” on Revenge is Nolan Ross, a complex and multifaceted character who brings a unique perspective to the show’s overarching narrative. Through his portrayal, Gabriel Mann has become a voice in the fight for greater LGBTQ+ representation, making Nolan an essential part of the show and a positive example for characters in media everywhere.

Does Nolan marry Louise?

Nolan and Louise have a somewhat complicated relationship throughout the TV series Revenge. The two characters meet at a charity event hosted by Nolan, and Louise is immediately smitten with him. Nolan, on the other hand, is not interested in her romantically and instead sees her as a friend.

However, Louise persists in her pursuit, and eventually, the two start dating. They have a lot of ups and downs, but their relationship seems to be working until Nolan realizes that he is not interested in women and is, in fact, interested in men.

This puts a significant strain on their relationship, and eventually, they get divorced. While they might not be together anymore, Louise remains an important character in the series.

After Emily Thorne reveals that she is actually Amanda Clarke, Louise teams up with Margaux to help Victoria Grayson take Amanda down. However, Louise soon realizes that Margaux and Victoria are not good people and that they are planning to frame Amanda for Victoria’s murder.

In the end, Louise helps Amanda clear her name and bring Victoria to justice. While she may not have ended up with Nolan, Louise proves to be a valuable ally to Amanda and helps in bringing down a corrupt group of people.