Is Mr Cho a traitor in Vincenzo?

No, Mr Cho is not a traitor in Vincenzo. He is a likable character who is a loyal and faithful ally to the titular character Vincenzo Cassano. While his initial demeanor is cold and unapproachable, he slowly warms up to the titular character and comes to trust and rely on him.

He does whatever he can to support Vincenzo if it means driving for hours or even digging up information about a suspicious organization. Despite having his own agenda, he does so without question and ultimately proves his loyalty by risking his own life to protect Vincenzo from harm.

In the end, Mr Cho is revealed to be not a traitor at all, but a powerful ally and a loyal friend.

What happens to Mr Choi in Vincenzo?

In Vincenzo, Mr. Choi is the main antagonist. He is a ruthless and powerful man who is the head of a large and dangerous mafia group known as Babel. His main goal is to acquire Geumga Plaza, a large apartment complex owned by the Vincenzo’s father, and also to acquire Vincenzo’s inheritance.

Mr. Choi is a cruel man who is willing to do anything to get what he wants. He resorts to corrupting people and using violence to carry out his plans. He also will use any leverage to get control of Geumga Plaza, which he ultimately succeeds in doing.

During the course of the series, Vincenzo and Choi are in a constant battle of wits in order to win control of Geumga Plaza. After a dramatic trial, Vincenzo eventually defeats Choi and earns the rights to Geumga Plaza back.

In the end, Mr. Choi is arrested and sent to prison for his crimes.

What did Vincenzo do to Choi Myung-Hee?

Vincenzo Cassano, the main protagonist of the South Korean television series, perpetrated various acts of violence against Choi Myung-Hee, his adoptive mother and the matriarch of the powerful family, the Geumga Group.

The first incident occurred when Myung-Hee lied about not knowing Vincenzo’s biological parents. Enraged by this, Vincenzo dragged Myung-Hee through the halls of the Geumga Group and shouted at her, calling her an old fox who did not keep her promises.

Later that evening, Vincenzo harassed Myung-Hee at her home and threatened her.

Another occasion happened when Myung-Hee attempted to have Vincenzo kicked out of the Geumga Group. Vincenzo then hit Myung-Hee in the face and threw her on the floor.

Myung-Hee’s final abuse by Vincenzo occurred in the office of the firm. He ruthlessly strangled her, claiming that he wanted her to suffer for all the wrongs she had done to him. Myung-Hee was left severely injured after the incident and had to be taken to the hospital.

Overall, Vincenzo had a tendency to show extreme violence and aggression towards Myung-Hee in a number of occasions. His violent behaviour was ultimately what drove Myung-Hee to her death in the series.

Does Vincenzo have a sad ending?

Vincenzo’s ending is somewhat bittersweet. He recognizes that his past is permanently in the past and that he can now enter a new chapter of his life. After a long and difficult journey, Vincenzo returns to Korea and is welcomed home with a grand celebration.

He is reunited with his long-lost family, who thought they’d never see him again. The ending implies that Vincenzo is ready to move onto the next chapter of his life and move forward.

However, his painful past still lingers in his memory. The parting scene of him walking away, with the sun setting in the background, communicates the fact that although Vincenzo is ready for his new future, he still carries his past with him.

He knows that even though his current victory is sweet, the sadness of his past is still a part of him and will remain as a reminder to his journey.

Overall, the ending of Vincenzo doesn’t end on a fully sad note, but it does give off an essence of nostalgia, sadness, and inner growth.

Who ends up with the gold in Vincenzo?

At the end of the series Vincenzo, the character Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) ends up being awarded the gold stored in the Geumga Plaza by the lawyers at the firm. Vincenzo had previously discovered the illegal gold stored in the building while he was working as Chief of Staff at the Law Firm Babel.

The gold, which amounted to 300 billion won, had been illegally acquired by the Babel Group.

Vincenzo had initially planned to simply take the gold and leave, but instead chose to stay in Korea and fight against the Babel Group to seek justice. He covertly used the gold to finance numerous legal battles such as filing a lawsuit against the Babel Group, as well as providing much needed aid to the residents of Geumga Plaza, who were struggling with their anti-eviction lawsuit.

In the end, Vincenzo successfully defeats the Babel Group and the gold is awarded to him. After paying back the investors who had provided financial aid, Vincenzo was able to donate the remaining amount to local charities and organizations.

He also used some of the money to provide free legal services to the residents of Geumga Plaza.

How much was the gold worth in Vincenzo?

At the time of Vincenzo’s reign in 15th century Italy, gold was worth about 130 Florentine florins per ounce. This wasn’t much different from the prices recorded in 1462 by Francesco Datini, the owner of a large trading house in Prato, who reported gold purchased from Lisbon at 128 to 130 florins per ounce.

This meant that a troy ounce of gold (31.1g) was worth around 4,094 Florentine florins. As the florin was the most commonly used coin for purchases in Italy, it can be assumed that this was the amount of gold worth of gold in Vincenzo’s reign.

Which episode did Mr Nam betray in Vincenzo?

In episode 8 of Vincenzo, Mr Nam betrays Vincenzo by revealing his plans to steal the evidence against Babel to the faction leader Jang Joon Woo. He believes that Vincenzo is the enemy and that Joon Woo is the one who can restore the honour of Geumga Plaza.

He threatens Vincenzo and tries to force him to surrender. This leads to a tense confrontation between Vincenzo, Mr. Nam, and Joon Woo, although it is ultimately defused. Vincenzo learns that Mr. Nam has been manipulated by Joon Woo and that the evidence he was trying to steal was to be used to save everyone in Geumga Plaza.

This begins a process of reconciliation for the two and eventually Mr Nam patches things up with Vincenzo and the rest of the tenants.

How much gold did Vincenzo get in the end?

At the end of the story, Vincenzo ended up with a large fortune of gold coins. He divided the cache of gold coins into two parts. The first part he kept for himself, which was the majority of the coins, with the intention of using the money to purchase a new life outside of the city.

The remainder of the coins he gave to Ugo, returning to him the gold coins that Vincenzo had stolen from him earlier in the story. In total, Vincenzo ended up with around 5,000-7,000 gold coins of various denominations.

Ugo was also able to keep a good portion of the gold coins that he recovered.

Does Vincenzo take out the gold?

No, Vincenzo does not take out the gold. In the Netflix series Vincenzo, Vincenzo, played by Song Joong-ki, is a Korean lawyer who comes to Italy to handle a corporate dispute involving a vast amount of gold.

At the end of the series, it is revealed that the gold is not actually a part of the dispute, and Vincenzo does not, in fact, take out the gold. Instead, he opts to help the townspeople who were adversely affected by the actions of the crooked corporation, using his power as a lawyer to take on the multinational corporation and bring them to justice.

In the end, Vincenzo’s motivations are in pursuit of justice and respect, not personal gain, and the gold is ultimately left untouched.

Who does Vincenzo fall in love with?

In the popular Korean tv drama “Vincenzo”, the title character, Vincenzo Cassano, eventually falls in love with his lawyer, Hong Cha-young. Prior to this, Vincenzo and Cha-young were in an antagonistic relationship, with Cha-young often opposing Vincenzo’s morally-questionable methods.

Over the course of the season, it is revealed that Cha-young had an intense personal grudge against Vincenzo and his Mafia connections, motivated by her father’s death. Hence, Cha-young is initially determined to bring Vincenzo to justice and stop him from achieving his mission.

However, as the season progresses, Cha-young begins to grow closer to Vincenzo, and eventually full-heartedly joins him in his mission. It is not until the very end of the season that Cha-young and Vincenzo finally realize their true feelings for one another.

In the chaos of their final battle against the evil Gold Lady Corporation, the two of them share a passionate kiss that marks their relationship as an official couple. While there is no dialogue between the two of them at that moment, the look of love on both of their faces confirms their feelings for one another.

Thus, after many twists and turns, Vincenzo and Cha-young finally end the season in each other’s arms.

Is Vincenzo season 2 coming?

At this time, there is no confirmation if there will be a second season of “Vincenzo.” However, the show has gained immense popularity since its premier in 2021, and production company Studio Dragon has commented that the show’s international success could lead to a new season or even a sequel or spin-off series.

That being said, with so many K-dramas set to be released in the near future, not to mention the lack of confirmed filming schedules, it seems as though the likelihood of a second season of “Vincenzo” is slim.

For now, all we can do is wait and see if the production company decides to take the show in an exciting new direction and announce a second season soon.