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Is it OK to skip Save the dates?

Save-the-dates are a considerate way to notify your guests that there is an official ceremony or celebration in the works. These are simple notifications of the date and location of the wedding and can be sent along with other general information about the wedding such as the couple’s names, location of the wedding or reception, and the wedding website address where guests can find more details.

It’s important to note that save-the-dates aren’t mandatory for every wedding. Unless you are having a destination wedding, have a limited guest list or are inviting guests less than two months before the wedding date, save-the-dates aren’t considered necessary. That said, there are some compelling reasons why you should still consider sending save-the-dates to your guests.

Why you may want to send Save-the-dates

1. Giving guests ample time to plan – Save-the-dates give your guests advance notice of your wedding date, improving the odds that they will be able to attend. Couples who are marrying during peak wedding season, which typically runs from May to October, but particularly from June to September, generally have to ensure that they send save-the-dates at least six months in advance to give their guests a chance to plan accordingly.

2. A courtesy to out-of-town guests – If any of your guests will be traveling from out-of-town, you’ll want to ensure they have plenty of time to arrange travel plans and lodging. This is particularly important if hotels or short-term rentals are likely to book up quickly during your wedding weekend, as this can leave guests without desirable accommodation options that they can afford.

3. Allows guests to participate in pre-wedding events – Some couples will hold pre-wedding festivities like bachelor and bachelorette parties or bridal showers, particularly during a wedding weekend. Sending save-the-dates allows guests enough notice so they can plan and save for these events as well.

Situations where save-the-dates aren’t necessary

1. Last-minute changes – If your wedding plans might change, or you might pick a different venue last minute, don’t send save-the-dates. In this case, it’s better to leave the invitation until closer to the time when plans are finalized, or if they will remain the same.

2. Budget constraints – Save-the-dates can add an additional cost that may stretch the budget. Save-the-dates aren’t free, and sending them as a part of a fancy suite of invites may prove costly. Consider making simple and straight-to-the-point cards.

3. Simple Weddings – If you’re looking at having an intimate or quiet wedding involving only immediate family and close friends, then save-the-dates are not necessary.

The Bottom Line

While save-the-dates are a crucial element in the planning of a wedding, they aren’t essential for everyone. Couples should consider their needs, as well as the preferences of their guests, before deciding whether to send or skip save-the-date cards.

If you’re planning a wedding and want to ensure that your guests attend, you may want to send a save-the-date. If you’re on a tight budget or are holding a simple wedding, then a formal notification to guests is less important than getting married itself.

All in all, there isn’t a single answer to whether save-the-dates are necessary, because each wedding is unique, with individual guests and circumstances. The best way to determine if save-the-dates are necessary for your wedding is to think about the factors discussed above and make a decision based on what will work best for you and your guests.