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Is Brett Young’s wife in you didn’t video?

Country music fans are buzzing about Brett Young’s latest music video, “You Didn’t.” This heart-breaking song has quickly become a fan favorite, and the music video is no exception. Fans were surprised to see that the woman in the video is actually Brett Young’s wife, Taylor Mills Young.

The Song

Before diving into the music video, it is worth discussing the song itself. “You Didn’t” is a heartfelt ballad that tells the story of a broken-hearted man who is trying to move on from a painful breakup. The lyrics are filled with raw emotion, and the melody perfectly captures the feelings of loss and heartbreak. It’s no surprise that this song has resonated with so many fans.

The Music Video

The music video for “You Didn’t” is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. It begins with Brett Young standing in an empty room surrounded by dim lighting. He looks defeated and broken. As the music starts, the camera follows him as he wanders through the room, looking lost and alone.

Suddenly, a woman appears in the room, and the camera zooms in on her face. This woman is none other than Brett Young’s wife, Taylor. Fans were shocked to see her playing the role of the ex-girlfriend who is haunting Brett throughout the video.

Throughout the video, Brett and Taylor share several emotional scenes together. They dance, they argue, and they even share a heartbreaking moment where Taylor places a necklace around Brett’s neck, only to rip it off moments later. The chemistry between the two is undeniable, and it is clear that they put a lot of thought and emotion into this video.

The Meaning behind the Video

Many fans are wondering why Brett Young chose to cast his wife in the video for “You Didn’t.” The answer is simple – he did it to bring even more emotional depth and authenticity to the video.

In an interview with The Boot, Brett Young explained that the decision to cast Taylor in the video was an easy one. “She was my girlfriend in the past, and she’s been my wife for two years now,” Young said. “I never even thought twice about it. It was just, ‘Of course she’s supposed to be in this.'”

By casting his wife in the video, Brett Young was able to bring in real-life emotions and experiences, making the video even more authentic and relatable for his fans. Taylor was able to tap into the feelings of heartbreak and loss, and she gave a powerful performance that left fans in tears.


In conclusion, the answer is yes, Brett Young’s wife Taylor Mills Young is in the music video for “You Didn’t.” This decision has made the video even more emotional and meaningful for fans, and it has given Taylor a chance to showcase her acting skills. It is clear that a lot of thought and heart went into this video, and fans will no doubt continue to be moved by it for years to come.