How To Throw A Micro-Wedding How To Throw A Micro-Wedding
Welcome to the era of the micro-wedding, otherwise known as a mini-traditional wedding. Micro-weddings boast all the romance and grandeur of large traditional weddings... How To Throw A Micro-Wedding

Welcome to the era of the micro-wedding, otherwise known as a mini-traditional wedding. Micro-weddings boast all the romance and grandeur of large traditional weddings with a fraction of the guest list and space. You will enjoy the luxury of spending more money on yourself and on each of your guests, treating them like true VIPs. Micro-weddings offer creative freedom and the ability to focus on what is important to the two of you.

Let’s plan your luxe micro-wedding!

A person posing for a picture Description automatically generated Your guestlist is a perfect place to start. Handpick up to twenty people that have brought real meaning to you and your partner’s life. You can even create a mini bridal party, with both of you selecting one or two people to stand up with you as you take your vows.

A wedding coordinator can contribute towards making your micro-wedding a success. From the location and ceremony, to the reception, florals, color palette, theme, and entertainment; let them do the heavy lifting, tying these important elements together. Tell your wedding coordinator your religious (or non-religious) denominational preferences and what qualities you want in a wedding officiant.

Outdoor settings in nature are ideal for micro-weddings taking place in 2020 and 2021. They allow for fresh air and social distancing and provide an ideal backdrop for stunning photographs. A smaller group enables you to choose a picturesque, off the grid location. A knowledgeable wedding coordinator can arrange the necessary permitting.

Color Palette and Floral Design

You can go with demure blush-hued florals and d├ęcor or opt for bold pops of color like deep red, cobalt blue, or fuchsia. Let your imagination run wild and choose colors that speak to your personality. Rather than a standard, tightly wrapped bridal bouquet, you can choose loosely strewn wild-flowers, garden roses or orchids. A pared down guest list allows you to allocate your budget in places that may have been out of reach with a larger wedding. Splurge on gorgeous flowers that feel lush and feminine.

Gift Your Guests

Freeing up your budget with a micro-guestlist also allows for special touches like giving each of your guests a thank you gift for memories that will last a lifetime and remind them of your wedding day. You can go sentimental, practical, or campy and cute. Remember, when your guests look at your parting gift, they will think back to your wedding day.

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Indulge in a Fantasy Theme

It is much easier to get twenty guests to adhere to a theme than two hundred. Lucky you! For example, you can request that guests attend your wedding dressed in all white or all black attire to create monochromatic elegance. Choose a favorite time period and request that guests make an effort to dress or accessorize in keeping with that time period for a vintage feel. A garden party theme or a bohemian theme can also work well depending on the crowd, so know your audience.

Musical Accompaniment

An acoustic guitar or violin are both ideal for a remote outdoor ceremony, as these instruments are mobile and can play diverse arrangements. Put plenty of thought in what genre of music and songs you would like played at your ceremony, and what music will fit the vibe of your reception. For the reception, you can opt for extended acoustic instrumentals, or transition to a deejay for a more festive feel.

Make a Day of It

Your wedding day begins the moment you wake up! Take your time, work with your hair and makeup team to create just the right look and have someone by your side to help you dress. Have your photographer start taking pictures as you get ready. Some couples shirk superstition and do a “first look” photo where the couple sees each other for the first time prior to the ceremony. It’s a wonderfully spontaneous and loving moment to capture forever.

Don’t skip your first dance (and other wedding traditions)

From your first dance as a married couple to champagne toasts and cutting your wedding cake, don’t skimp on tradition. Remember, your wedding might be micro, but will include all the bells and whistles of a larger celebration.

Your Wedding Dinner

Less plates to pay for means a more lavish spread. Choose a pre-determined location for you and your guests to have a formal dinner. Think steak and lobster as opposed to prime rib and rubber chicken. Going plant-based? Opt for the freshest, organic, farm to table fare. With a small guestlist, you can afford to eat like royalty. Ideally, you and your new spouse should feel like you are having dinner with twenty of your favorite people.

McKenzi Taylor is an elopement and micro-wedding expert and owner of Cactus Collective Weddings with locations in Nevada, Colorado and South Dakota.

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