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How to decorate a cheese tower cake?

When it comes to planning a special event, such as a wedding or a holiday party, one of the most popular catering options is a cheese tower cake. This beautiful and delicious centerpiece is made with a variety of different cheeses, stacked on top of each other to create a tower-like structure. However, the cheese tower cake is not complete without proper decoration. In this blog post, we will discuss various ways to decorate a cheese tower cake so that it not only looks great but also tastes amazing.

Choosing the right cheese

Before we get into the decorating part, it is essential to select the right cheese that should be used in the tower. Some popular cheese options are Brie, Gouda, Cheddar, Goat cheese, and blue cheese. While many people prefer a mix of various textures and flavors, others might want to stick to only one type. When selecting the cheese, it is also essential to consider the number of guests to be served, their preferences, and any food allergies or intolerances that they might have.

Creating the tower

Once you have selected and obtained the cheese, you can start building your tower cake. Choose a strong base to support the weight of the cheese, and then place the largest and hardest cheese at the bottom. Add another layer of cheese on top, and continue until the tower is built. Usually, a cheese tower consists of about 4-5 layers of cheese. One thing you should keep in mind during this process is to shape the cheese to match the desired height.

Dressing up the tower

Now comes the fun part: decorating the cheese tower. There are many ways to dress up the tower and make it look as lavish as one like. One option is to use fresh fruits and nuts to decorate around the cheese board. You can use berries, grapes, and figs for this purpose. Nuts can be used as-is or roasted for flavor and texture. You can also add some fresh herbs like rosemary, dill, and thyme to make the cheese tower look bright and fresh.

Using serving utensils

It is equally important to put serving utensils aside for cheese tower so that cheese could be served without any hassle, and so the guests can serve themselves. Cheese knives, cheese forks, and mini spoons will work correctly. Leaving the cheese alone on the board won’t be sufficient unless you’re OK with people handling it.

Adding a personal touch

To make the cheese tower more personalized, you can add a few items that represent your personality or event. For instance, if you are a wine lover, you can add a few bottles of wine to the board to complement the cheese flavors. If your event has a theme, you can use themed accents to decorate the cheese tower. For instance, if your wedding is decorated in a rustic style, you can use a wooden board or a natural-colored tablecloth as the base for the tower.


Decorating a cheese tower cake can be an exciting and creative process. From choosing the right cheese to decorating the tower with fruits, nuts, and herbs, there are endless possibilities to make the cheese tower look great. Whether you are planning a wedding or a holiday party, a cheese tower cake will surely impress your guests when decorated the correct way. By following the guidelines outlined in this post, you can create a perfect cheese tower cake that will not only look good but will also taste delicious.


What kind of cheese is best for cheese wheel cake?

Cheese wheel cakes are a popular dessert option for cheese lovers. However, not all types of cheese are suitable for making these cakes. The best types of cheese for cheese wheel cakes are those that are soft, creamy, and spreadable.

Brie, Camembert, and Ismay are excellent choices for cheese wheel cakes. These cheeses are soft and have a mild flavor. They are also smooth and creamy, which makes them easy to spread between layers of cake. Brie is a French cheese that has a slightly nutty flavor. It goes well with fruits like figs and pairs well with honey. Camembert, on the other hand, has a slightly stronger flavor and a more pungent aroma. It has a soft and creamy texture, which makes it perfect for spreading on cakes. Ismay is a cheese that originates from the Netherlands. It is made from goat’s milk and has a tangy flavor that pairs well with fruit flavors like raspberries.

Another good option for cheese wheel cakes is goat’s cheese. Goat’s cheese has a tangy flavor that adds a unique taste to the cake. It is usually creamy and soft, which makes it easy to spread on the cake. Goat’s cheese is also versatile and can be flavored with herbs, spices, or honey to give it a distinct flavor.

When choosing the best cheese for a cheese wheel cake, it’s best to go for soft and creamy cheese that can be easily spread. Brie, Camembert, Ismay, or goat’s cheese are great options that add flavor and texture to the cake.

Do you use a fork or spoon to eat cheesecake?

Cheesecake is a rich, creamy dessert that many people enjoy. However, when it comes to eating this delectable treat, some may wonder whether to use a fork or a spoon. The answer to this question ultimately depends on the texture of the cheesecake itself.

If the cheesecake has a crumbly, dry texture, it is best to use a fork. With a fork, you can break off small pieces of the cheesecake and savor each bite. This method is especially useful if the crust of the cheesecake is hard and dry. A fork will allow you to cut through the crust and scoop up the cheesecake filling without leaving any behind.

On the other hand, if the cheesecake has a soft, creamy texture, a spoon is the better choice. With a spoon, you can scoop up the cheesecake filling and enjoy each bite in its entirety. This method works best for cheesecakes that are light and fluffy, and do not have a hard crust. A spoon will also allow you to get every last bit of the cheesecake filling, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the deliciousness.

When it comes to eating cheesecake, whether to use a fork or spoon depends on the texture of the cheesecake itself. For crunchy, crumbly cheesecake, use a fork. For soft, creamy cheesecake, use a spoon. Either way, take your time to savor each bite and enjoy every delicious moment of your cheesecake experience.