How to Avoid Adoption Scams How to Avoid Adoption Scams
Adoptions these days seem complicated enough, but can be disastrous unless you know how to avoid the many scams out there. You have decided... How to Avoid Adoption Scams

Adoptions these days seem complicated enough, but can be disastrous unless you know how to avoid the many scams out there.

You have decided to adopt a baby! All the details surrounding that decision come with a wealth of emotions. The happiness you feel as you embark on your quest to start your family can sometimes cloud your judgment. REMEMBER! You are about to embark on a profound and life-changing BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP! To make sure that this is a smooth transition, you may need the services of a family law jacksonville firm or one in the area where the adoption is taking place, so you have everything covered.

Although adoption scams are somewhat rare, being the victim of one can be devastating. Do your due diligence and research everyone: the professionals you are working with, the birth mother, the lawyer you select – everyone. Don’t think you are acting paranoid. Once you have vetted the business part of the transaction, you can safely look to getting an adoption in San Antonio or other areas, and enjoy what lies ahead.

Some Types of Scams

  • A birth mother who is not actually pregnant.
  • Faked ultrasounds were purchased online.
  • The birth mother is working with several families asking for living expenses, medical treatment, etc.
  • A fake Adoption Service Provider offers one pregnancy to many couples but when the placement doesn’t happen, fees are non-refundable.

Tips on Working with Professionals

  • Interview them.
  • Ask important open-ended questions and listen carefully to the answers.
  • Meet them in person.
  • Ask for references. Follow-up on them.
  • Contact the state’s bar association to research an attorney.
  • Contact a state’s licensing division to research an agency.
  • Research online. Look for other adoptive families who may have used this professional. Check out forums, comments on adoption websites, etc.
  • Search for any litigation against the professional.

Tips on Working with the Birth Mother

  • If something doesn’t feel right, check it out.
  • Get Written Proof of Pregnancy from a doctor. Then follow up with the doctor.
  • Limit the amount of cash provided – pay the creditor directly.
  • Meet with the birth mother in person.
  • Consider asking her to submit to a drug screening.
  • Do a criminal background and employment check.
  • Take written notes of all your conversations.
  • Search for geotag data on digital picture files.
  • Check popular social media internet sites.

Perhaps the most important tip is to select an attorney and involve him or her from the very beginning. And by all means, keep your attorney updated on all your interactions with the birth mother or agency. Save copies of all paperwork and keep a notebook up to date on your verbal interactions.

Jane Spinak, a family law professor at Columbia University, in an interview for CBS, warns: “… you’re not making a friend. That’s not what’s going on here. You’re trying to figure out whether this is a child you can adopt. And since the birth mother has a right, until after the child is born, to change her mind, you have to be prepared for that.”

“What you want to do is do your research so that you can move forward and create a new family,” Spinak says.

Once all that is in place, you will be off on a truly exciting and rewarding journey toward parenthood!

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