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How old is Fantasyland Hotel Edmonton?

The West Edmonton Mall is a popular destination for tourists looking for shopping, entertainment, and accommodation under one roof. One of the most unique accommodations in the mall is the Fantasyland Hotel. With its whimsical and magical themed rooms, the hotel has become a favorite for families and couples alike. But just how old is this iconic hotel?

The Inception of the Fantasyland Hotel

The Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta opened its doors in 1986. The hotel was designed to be an integral part of the newly constructed West Edmonton Mall, which was the largest mall in North America at the time. The mall developers wanted to create an attraction that would draw people from around the world and provide a unique experience that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

The Early Years

The early years of the Fantasyland Hotel were a time of growth and expansion. In 1988, the hotel added a new wing, increasing the number of rooms from 120 to 355. The new wing was designed with the same magical and whimsical themes as the original rooms, ensuring that every guest had an unforgettable experience.

Over the years, the hotel grew in popularity and became a sought-after destination for families visiting the West Edmonton Mall. The hotel’s themed rooms, which ranged from Western-themed rooms to space-themed rooms, were particularly popular with children.

Modern Times

Today, the Fantasyland Hotel continues to offer a unique and magical experience to its guests. The hotel has undergone several renovations over the years to keep up with changing trends and to ensure that the rooms and facilities remain fresh and modern.

The hotel’s themed rooms are still a favorite with families, but the hotel also offers more sophisticated rooms for couples and business travelers. In addition, the hotel has several meeting and conference rooms, making it a popular venue for business meetings and events.


The Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta has been a popular destination for tourists visiting the West Edmonton Mall for over 35 years. With its magical and whimsical themed rooms, the hotel provides a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else. As the hotel continues to grow and expand, it is sure to remain a favorite with families and couples alike for many years to come.


Does Fantasyland Hotel have its own pool?

Yes, the Fantasyland Hotel has its own pool located inside the West Edmonton Mall, which is considered as the largest indoor shopping, entertainment, and leisure complex in North America. In fact, the pool in Fantasyland Hotel is not just any ordinary pool, but it is the world’s largest indoor wave pool. Guests can experience the thrills and excitement of surfing on the waves without even stepping out of the hotel.

Aside from the wave pool, Fantasyland Hotel also has more than 20 unique attractions and features that cater to both kids and adults. They have water slides, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and other fun and exciting water activities that provide relaxation, rejuvenation, and entertainment for the guests. Moreover, they offer poolside services including food and beverage services for those who want to lounge and relax in between activities.

Fantasyland Hotel’s pool is indeed one of the highlights of the hotel that guests should not miss when visiting Edmonton. Its facilities and features provide a one-of-a-kind experience that makes it an ideal place to stay for families, couples, and groups of friends looking for a unique yet fun-filled experience.

How many rooms does Fantasyland Hotel have?

Fantasyland Hotel is a unique and luxurious accommodation located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The hotel is famous for its upscale hospitality and a wide range of unique themed rooms that cater to various tastes and preferences. When it comes to the number of rooms available at the hotel, Fantasyland Hotel features a total of 355 superior and executive suites, each designed to provide guests with a comfortable and memorable stay.

At Fantasyland Hotel, there are several types of rooms available to guests. The first category is the Superior room, which comes with a range of occupancy options, including king, queen, or two queen beds. The Superior room is designed to provide guests with an elegant and comfortable experience, with modern amenities such as air conditioning, a mini-fridge, cable TV, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The second category of room available at Fantasyland Hotel is the Executive Suite. These suites are designed for guests who require extra space for a more luxurious stay. The Executive Suites come with a range of amenities that include an in-room hot tub, a king-size bed, a living area with a pull-out couch, a refrigerator, and much more. These suites are perfect for special occasions such as honeymoons, anniversaries, and romantic getaways.

Lastly, the Fantasyland Hotel features a range of themed rooms designed to recreate a unique destination or era. These unique rooms take guests on a journey to different parts of the world and include themes such as Polynesian, Roman, African, Hollywood, and much more. Each of the themed rooms features intricate decor and design that transports guests to a different world altogether.

Fantasyland Hotel is a premier accommodation destination that offers guests a luxurious and comfortable stay. With 355 Superior and Executive Suites, as well as a range of unique themed rooms, guests are sure to find accommodation that suits their tastes and preferences.