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How old is Bear Mountain Resort?

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Hudson Valley, Bear Mountain Resort has been a sought-after holiday destination for over a century. This iconic resort has witnessed the ebb and flow of time since its inception in 1915. Through this blog post, we delve deep into the history of the resort and explore how it has evolved over the years.

The Beginnings

Bear Mountain Resort started as the vision of Cornelius Vanderbilt III, an industrialist and conservationist. He aimed to create a resort that would offer urban dwellers an escape from the city’s hustle-bustle and an opportunity to reconnect with nature. Vanderbilt teamed up with William Henry Vanderbilt III, his cousin, to buy a stretch of land in the Hudson Valley. The land had a majestic view of the Hudson River and the surrounding Highlands, a perfect setting for their vision.

The duo commissioned Joseph Greenleaf Thorp, a prominent architect, to design the resort. Thorp was renowned for his work on the Grand Central Terminal in New York and the Plaza Hotel. He designed the resort in the classic Adirondack style, characterized by timber frames, stone walls, and a steep roof. The structure reflected the grandeur of the natural setting, and the massive stone fireplace in the lobby welcomed visitors with warmth on cold days.

The Early Days

Bear Mountain Inn opened its doors to the public in 1915, and it quickly became a popular destination for New Yorkers. The resort boasted of amenities such as a golf course, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a boathouse on the Hudson River. Visitors indulged in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and horseback riding, and filled their evenings with social events, including balls and concerts.

The resort’s popularity only grew with time, bringing in famous guests such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The resort endeared itself to visitors with its rustic charm, friendly staff, and enthralling natural surroundings.

The Dark Days

Despite its early success, Bear Mountain Resort suffered a setback during the Great Depression. The resort faced a financial crisis, and the Vanderbilt heirs sold it to New York State. The State took over the property’s management and transformed it into Bear Mountain State Park, opening it to the public. During World War II, the State used the resort as a training center for the military, and the property underwent major renovations to meet the army’s requirements.

The Revival

In the 1980s, the State converted Bear Mountain Inn into a conference center and a world-class catering facility. The renovations aimed to preserve the resort’s historic character and enhance its facilities to cater to modern-day demands. The resort continued to be a popular destination for weddings, conferences, and weekend getaways.

In 2016, Bear Mountain Inn and Overlook Lodge, another State-owned property, joined Historic Hotels of America. The resort continued its journey towards innovation by using modern technology and sustainable eco-friendly practices in their daily operations.

The Present and the Future

Today, Bear Mountain Resort continues to offer visitors a glimpse of the historic charm and natural beauty of Hudson Valley. The resort boasts of 15 meeting rooms, a ballroom, multiple dining options, and 15 miles of hiking trails. Visitors can choose from a variety of activities, including a visit to the nearby zoo, the Trailside Museums and Zoo and taking a cruise on the Hudson. Bear Mountain Resort also provides outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, archery, and even ice-skating in winter.

Bear Mountain Resort has come a long way since its early days, but it remains true to the founders’ vision of offering urbanites a retreat into a tranquil and natural setting. As the resort continues to evolve with time, it will always be a beacon of hope for people seeking refuge in nature and a rejuvenating experience.


Bear Mountain Resort has a rich history and has been a place of respite for over a century. Its natural surroundings, rustic charm, and friendly staff have enchanted many visitors. Through the years, the resort has undergone many transformations, but it has always remained true to its founders’ vision. As the resort ventures into the future, it holds on to its roots, creating an experience that is both sustainable and authentic.


What is better Bear Mountain or Snow Summit?

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are two popular ski resorts located in the San Bernardino Mountains of California. Each resort offers a unique skiing and snowboarding experience, making them both excellent choices for a winter vacation. However, depending on your skill level and preferences, one resort may be better suited for you than the other.

For beginner snowboarders, Bear Mountain may be the better choice, as the resort is more geared towards snowboarders and freestyle skiing. From beginner to advanced, there are plenty of terrain parks and features to explore. Bear Mountain also offers night skiing, which means even more time on the slopes. One unique aspect of Bear Mountain is the ability to purchase a dual-mountain lift ticket, which also provides access to nearby Snow Summit.

On the other hand, beginner skiers may prefer Snow Summit. The resort has more beginner-friendly terrain trails, such as the Easy Street and Summit Run, and offers ski lessons for all age groups. Snow Summit is also known for having fewer snowboarders, who can be difficult for skiers to navigate around.

For more experienced skiers and snowboarders, both resorts have challenging terrain and plenty of options to explore from black diamond runs to terrain parks. Snow Summit is known for having longer runs and better grooming, which attracts many intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Bear Mountain, on the other hand, is known for its innovative terrain park design, which hosts the annual Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails event.

Finally, the overall atmosphere and amenities may play a factor in your decision. Bear Mountain is known for a younger, more laid-back vibe, with a lively après-ski scene at the lodge and popular events like Spring Break and Beach Party. Snow Summit is known for a more family-friendly atmosphere and its cabin-style lodges. The resort also has more dining and shopping options available.

Whether Bear Mountain or Snow Summit is better depends on your skill level, preferences, and what you are looking for in a ski resort experience. Both resorts offer a unique skiing and snowboarding experience and are worth considering for your next winter vacation.

When did Teton Village open?

Teton Village is a popular ski resort located in Teton County, Wyoming, in the United States. The village has a long history and has been developed over the years to become a top-rated tourist destination. The first ski lifts were installed in the area in the 1960s, and since then, Teton Village has continued to gradually expand and develop its ski resorts to accommodate growing numbers of visitors.

The Teton Mountain Lodge was opened in Teton Village in 2002, becoming one of the first developments in the area. This condominium hotel property was developed by Rock Resorts, a subsidiary of Vail Resorts, and has become a popular choice for accommodation for those who come to ski in the area.

In 2003, the Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole was opened, adding to the growing list of luxury resorts in Teton Village. This property was the first Four Seasons ski destination, and its opening reflected the increased demand for high-end ski experiences in the area.

Additionally, other ski resorts like the Snake River Lodge & Spa have also opened in the village in subsequent years, making it a thriving hub for skiers and snowboarders alike.

While Teton Village’s history dates back to the 1960s, its modern development into a premier ski destination began in the early 2000s with the opening of the Teton Mountain Lodge and the Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole. Since then, several other resorts have joined the ranks, making Teton Village a top-rated skiing destination.