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How many Mr and Mrs questions are there?

Are you planning a bachelorette or bridal shower for a close friend or family member? One of the most popular and entertaining activities for the occasion is the Mr and Mrs game. This game involves a set of questions that the bride and groom answer separately to see how well they know each other.

While the game can be a lot of fun, the question that often arises is how many Mr and Mrs questions should you use? In this post, we’ll explore some guidelines to help you decide on the perfect number of questions for this game.

Consider the Time Allocation

The first thing to think about when deciding on the number of Mr and Mrs questions to use is the time allocation for the game. Typically, this game lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, so you need to consider how long you want the game to last within that time frame.

If you want the game to be more lengthy, then you can consider using more questions. Similarly, if you’re pressed for time, then you will need to restrict the number of questions.

Think About the Audience

Another important consideration is the audience. You want to ensure that the questions are appropriate for the bride and her guests. If her family members are present, then you may want to avoid questions that are too risque or controversial.

Furthermore, if the bride and groom are conservative in terms of their attitudes and beliefs, then you need to tailor the questions accordingly, so they are not offended. On the other hand, if the bride and groom have a great sense of humor, you can be more daring with the questions.

How Well Do the Couple Know Each Other?

When deciding on the number of Mr and Mrs questions, it’s essential to consider how well the couple knows each other. If they have been together for a long time or are already married, then you can assume they know each other well. In this case, you can choose more challenging, thought-provoking questions.

On the other hand, if the couple is recently engaged or has only been dating for a short period, it’s best to stick to simpler questions that are easy to answer. Also, the fewer questions you use, the less awkward the game will be if the couple doesn’t quite know each other as well.

What’s the Theme?

Finally, the theme of the party or shower can also affect the number of Mr and Mrs questions you use. If there is a particular theme for the party, then you should try to incorporate questions that are relevant to the theme.

For instance, suppose the party is centered on travel, then you can formulate questions that relate to the couple’s travel experiences. Similarly, if the party has a specific color or décor scheme, then the questions can be tailored to match the theme.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there’s no set number of Mr and Mrs questions that you should use. The number of questions will depend on various factors such as time allocation, the audience, the couple’s knowledge of each other, and the party’s theme. Generally, we recommend using between 15 and 20 questions, but always be flexible and adjust the number of questions to match the party’s needs. With a little creativity and imagination, the Mr and Mrs game can be a fun and memorable activity for everyone.


What are the rules for 20 questions for kids board game?

“20 Questions” is a classic guessing game that can be played with any number of players, but in this case, we will discuss how to play the game specifically with kids as a board game. This game is meant to be a fun activity for kids to enjoy with their friends or family members.

To begin the game, the oldest player gets to be the first “IT” and chooses something in their mind to be the answer, it could be a person, place or thing. The other players then take turns asking yes or no questions to guess what the answer is. The best strategy is to ask narrow questions that will quickly lead players to the answer, rather than broad and general ones.

The game can be started by the first player asking “Is it a person?” or “Is it an animal?”. Using these types of questions to narrow down the possibilities, players can continue to ask questions until they either guess the correct answer or they reach 20 questions.

If a player thinks that they know the answer before the 20 questions limit is reached, they can take a guess and if the answer is correct, that person will become the new “IT” and the game will continue. On the other hand, if nobody can guess the answer before the 20 questions limit is reached, then the person who was “IT” gets to choose a new person, place or thing for the next round.

It’s important to note that players should be encouraged to ask different types of questions in order to keep the game interesting, such as questions related to the color, size, or location of the item. Moreover, players can decide to use a timer for each question, and once the timer goes off, the player’s turn ends.

20 Questions for kids is a fun and easy-to-play board game that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. It enhances their thinking, questioning, and reasoning skills. With the correct approach, this game can add an element of excitement to the family game night.