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How do you play the toilet paper bride game?

Are you looking for a fun and hilarious game to play at your next bridal shower or bachelorette party? Well, look no further than the toilet paper bride game! This game is a classic and will guarantee laughter and memories for years to come. In this blog post, we will go over how to play the toilet paper bride game, what you need, and some tips and tricks to make sure it is a success!

What You Need

To play the toilet paper bride game, you will need rolls of toilet paper. The number of rolls depends on how many teams are playing and how long you want the game to last. It is recommended that each team has at least 2-3 rolls of toilet paper.

You will also need to choose a “bride” for each team. The “bride” can be anyone at the party, but it is recommended that it is someone who is willing to have a little fun and not take things too seriously.

How to Play

Once you have your teams and “brides” set up, it is time to play! The objective of the game is simple: each team has to create a wedding dress on their “bride” using only toilet paper. They have 15 minutes to complete their masterpiece and then they will present their creation to the rest of the party.

To start, give each team their rolls of toilet paper. It is up to them to decide how they want to create the dress. Some teams may choose to wrap the toilet paper around the “bride” while others may choose to create a more elaborate design.

During the 15-minute time period, make sure to play some music or have some snacks available to keep everyone entertained. After the time is up, have each team present their creation to the rest of the party. This is a great opportunity to take some photos and have a good laugh!

Finally, it is up to the rest of the party to vote for the best and funniest wedding dresses. You can have different categories such as “most creative,” “most hilarious,” and “most realistic.” Make sure to have some prizes available for the winning teams!

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure the toilet paper bride game is a success:

1. Make sure to have enough toilet paper rolls for each team. You don’t want to run out mid-game!

2. Encourage each team to be as creative as possible. This is a game where the crazier the dress, the better!

3. Have some snacks and drinks available for everyone to enjoy. This will help create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Make sure to take lots of photos! This is a great opportunity to capture some funny and memorable moments.


Overall, the toilet paper bride game is a fun and easy game to play at any bridal shower or bachelorette party. It is a great way to get everyone involved and create some hilarious memories. Remember to have fun and don’t take things too seriously. Happy playing!


What is the jar game for bridal shower?

One of the most popular games for bridal shower is the jar game. This game is a fun and interactive way to entertain guests and provide them with a great experience. The jar game is a classic guessing game in which guests have to guess how many items are inside a jar. Variations of this game are often played at fairs, festivals, and other events.

For a bridal shower, the game can be customized to fit the theme of the event. For example, if the bride is a fan of chocolates, the jar can be filled with different types of chocolates or candies. If the bride is a wine enthusiast, different types of wine corks can be placed inside the jar.

To play the game, guests are provided with paper and a pen. They then write their name and their guess for how many items are in the jar. The guest with the closest guess wins the game. Typically, the prize for the winner is the jar of items inside. However, you can also choose to give out a separate prize to the winner of the game.

While the jar game is a classic game, there are many different ways to customize it for a bridal shower. One fun option is to add prompts to the guess paper, such as “Guess the number of kisses in the jar for good luck in marriage” or “Write your guess and advice for the bride.” This personalized touch can add an extra layer of fun to the game.

The jar game is a classic game for bridal showers that can be easily customized to fit the theme of the event. It provides guests with a fun and interactive opportunity to participate in the event, and the winner gets to take home a fun prize. With a little creativity, the jar game can be a great addition to any bridal shower.

How does the groom toast the bride?

A wedding toast by the groom to the bride is a heartfelt and emotional moment during a reception that guests look forward to. It’s an opportunity for the groom to express his love and appreciation for his new wife in front of their family and friends. Traditionally, the groom’s toast follows the father of the bride’s toast. The length of the toast may vary depending on the wedding traditions and personal preferences of the groom and the bride.

Typically, the groom’s toast begins with a sincere thank you to the father of the bride or the equivalent person in that role for their eloquent words about the couple. This is followed by a special thank you to his new in-laws for welcoming him into their family. The groom then turns his attention to his beautiful bride, and this is where the real magic happens.

The groom may begin by recalling the first time he met the bride or reminiscing about the early days of their relationship. He can share how he knew she was “the one” and mention some of the qualities he admires and appreciates about her. He can also express his gratitude for her love and support throughout their courtship and how excited he is to start their new life together as a married couple.

As the groom continues his toast, he may include anecdotes or quotes from family and friends that describe his bride’s qualities or strengths. He can mention how she complements him and has helped him become a better person. The groom may also acknowledge any challenges they’ve overcome together and how they’ve grown stronger as a couple.

Finally, the groom ends his toast by toasting the bride and expressing his love for her. He can use this moment to recite a quote or poem that has a special meaning to them, or simply raise his glass and say, “to my beautiful new wife.”

When giving a wedding toast as the groom, it’s essential to keep emotions in check, be sincere and authentic, and express gratitude and love for your new spouse. With careful preparation and practice, the groom can deliver a heartfelt toast that will be remembered by all as a significant moment in their special day.

What is the game where you ask the groom questions at the bridal shower?

Bridal showers are a fun and exciting event to celebrate the bride-to-be’s upcoming wedding. One of the popular games that bridesmaids and other guests usually plan and organize is the Bridal Shower Question Card Game, where you ask the groom a series of questions before the shower and then ask the bride those same questions during the shower and see if she can come up with the same answers the groom did.

The game is typically played during the bridal shower to entertain the bride and offer her an exciting way to get to know her future spouse better. It is a great way to bring amusement to the event while allowing the bride and groom to share some personal information and memories about their relationship.

Before the event, the host of the bridal shower should create a list of approximately 20-30 questions to ask the groom related to his relationship with the bride. These questions can be anything from the couple’s first date to their favorite spot to hang out, or even their favorite food. The goal is to ask questions that will be both entertaining and revealing.

Typically, the groom is separated from the bride-to-be during the game, so the questions remain secret until the game is played. When the bride-to-be is ready to play the game, the host will ask her each question and record her answers. After the bride-to-be has answered all of the questions, the host will reveal the groom’s answers to compare them with the bride-to-be’s answers. The more matched answers they have, the better they know each other!

The Bridal Shower Question Card Game is a fun way to bring some entertainment and laughter to a bridal shower while getting to know the couple a little better. It is a great way for the couple to share personal stories and memories and see how well they know each other.