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How do you fix a wedding dress that is too big in the bust?

Congratulations! You finally found the perfect wedding dress but you quickly realized that it is too big in the bust. No one wants to walk down the aisle with a dress that doesn’t fit properly. However, don’t stress out because these kinds of problems can be easily fixed. Instead of taking your dress back, you can fix it yourself without any professional help. Here are some tips on how to fix a wedding dress that is too big in the bust area.

Option 1: Adding Bra Cups

One of the easiest ways to fix a wedding dress that is too big in the bust is by adding bra cups. Bra cups, otherwise known as “sew-in cups,” are similar to the ones in a regular bra and can be easily sewn into the dress to help fill out the breast area. Bra cups can be purchased at any craft store or online retailer.

To add bra cups to your wedding dress, you need to sew them in two places, along the bottom and the side. Before you begin sewing, place the cup where you want it to be held, and hold it in place with a few stitches. Then, sew along the bottom of the cup to secure it in place. Finally, sew a few stitches along the side to help prevent the cup from shifting. Repeat on the other side.

Adding bra cups not only helps to fill out the bust area, but also provides comfort and support while you dance the night away.

Option 2: A Sash Can Help

If the bust in your wedding dress is still too big even after adding bra cups, consider using a sash. A sash can not only add some style to your dress, but it can also cinch the waist to give the dress some shape.

A sash can be purchased or made from a matching fabric. You can tie it in the back to create a bow or knot, or you can have it modified to be sewn into the dress. Consider adding a beaded or crystal sash to add some glamour to your style.

Option 3: Alterations

If bra cups and a sash do not work, you may have to go for alterations. Alterations are the most permanent solution to fixing a wedding dress that does not fit properly.

When choosing a seamstress to alter your dress, it is essential to select an experienced and trustworthy one. Be sure to ask for referrals from family and friends or read reviews and ratings online.

During your alterations, you can have the dress tailored to fit your curves, so it hugs your body in all the right places, not just your chest. Unfortunately, altering the dress can be more expensive than adding bra cups or a sash.


Finding the perfect wedding dress can be challenging, but ensuring it fits like a glove shouldn’t be. By adding bra cups, using a sash, or going for alterations, you can make your dress fit like a dream. Whether you choose to do it yourself or seek professional help, don’t compromise on feeling confident and beautiful on your big day.


Can you alter a dress to make the bust smaller?

Yes, it is possible to alter a dress to make the bust smaller. However, the extent to which this can be done depends on the original fit of the dress and the amount of alteration required.

One of the most common ways to reduce the bust size is to take in the side seams. This involves removing excess fabric from the sides of the dress by sewing along the seams. However, simply taking in the side seams may not be enough, as it may alter the overall shape and proportions of the dress.

A more effective way to reduce the bust size is to create a dart. This involves taking a small tuck in the fabric to remove excess fabric from the bust area. The dart can be created either at the side seams or at the center front of the dress, depending on the style and design of the garment.

Another option is to add bra cups to the dress to adjust the fit. This is particularly useful if the dress has a low neckline or a strappy back, as it may not be possible to alter the bust area by taking in the seams or adding darts. Bra cups can be inserted into the dress at the bust area, which can help reshape the curve of the bust and provide additional support.

In some cases, a combination of tailoring and bra cups may be required to achieve the desired fit. For example, if the dress has a fitted waistline and a loose bust area, taking in the waistline may help to balance the proportions of the dress and reduce the emphasis on the bust area.

It is worth noting that altering a dress to make the bust smaller can be a complex process, and it is important to seek the advice of a professional tailor or seamstress. They will be able to assess the original fit of the dress and advise on the best course of action to achieve the desired result.