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How do you ask for gift cards on a shower invitation?

The trend of gift cards is on the rise as they offer the recipient the flexibility to buy whatever they want. In modern times, gift cards are considered a thoughtful and practical gift option. If you are planning a shower and want to request gift cards, there are certain etiquette rules to follow. In this blog post, we will discuss how to ask for gift cards on a shower invitation.

What is a shower invitation?

A shower invitation is an invitation to a celebration that honors the impending birth, marriage, or adoption of a child. It is a formal way of inviting friends and family to share in someone’s joyous moment. A shower invitation also indicates the theme, date, time, and location of the shower.

What to include in a shower invitation?

The following information should be included in a shower invitation:

– The name of the honoree
– The date, time, and location of the event
– The theme of the shower
– The RSVP details
– The gift suggestion (if any)

When is it appropriate to ask for gift cards on a shower invitation?

It is okay to request gift cards on a shower invitation when you don’t want specific gifts or have a registry. Gift cards offer the recipient flexibility and the freedom to choose a gift that they like. However, you should also provide some guidance about the types of stores or retailers that would be appropriate.

How to ask for gift cards on a shower invitation?

Here are some ways to ask for gift cards on a shower invitation:

Include a small note

You can add a small note at the bottom of the invitation requesting gift cards. For example, “Gift cards would be greatly appreciated.” or “Please consider gift cards in lieu of gifts. Thank you.”

Suggest a group gift

If you have a large circle of family and friends, you can suggest a group gift. Ask them to contribute to a gift card fund to make a larger purchase.

Attach a gift card

You can also attach a small gift card to the invitation as a hint or suggestion. This can be a creative way of asking for gift cards without feeling too pushy.

What should not be done while asking for gift cards on a shower invitation?

Here are some points to remember while asking for gift cards on a shower invitation:

Don’t make it the main focus

Your shower invitation should be about sharing your joyous moment with your friends and family. Requesting gift cards should not be the main focus of the invitation.

Don’t require gift cards

It is not appropriate to require guests to bring gift cards to your shower. You should leave it up to your guests to decide what they want to gift you.

Don’t use a demanding tone

Make sure that your tone is polite and grateful. Requesting gift cards in a demanding or rude tone can offend your guests.


In conclusion, requesting gift cards on a shower invitation is a modern trend that is becoming more and more popular. But it is important to remember that your invitation should not be solely about requesting gifts. The main focus of your shower invitation is to share your special moment with your loved ones. Etiquette and politeness are crucial when asking for gift cards on your shower invitation, so make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in this blog post.


How do you say gift without saying gift?

There are several ways to express the concept of a “gift” without directly using the word “gift.” One approach would be to use synonyms, such as “present,” “donation,” or “contribution.” Alternatively, you could describe the nature or purpose of the gift using more specific language. For example, you could say “token of appreciation,” “gesture of goodwill,” or “expression of gratitude.” Additionally, you could focus on the act of giving rather than the object being given, by using phrases such as “giving generously,” “sharing resources,” or “providing support.” the way you choose to express the idea of a gift will depend on the context and your desired tone or emphasis.

What is another way to say in lieu of gifts?

The phrase “in lieu of gifts” is often used when someone wants to request that their guests not bring presents to an event. However, there are several alternative phrases that can be used instead depending on the occasion and the relationship between the host and the guests.

One way to request no gifts is to simply say “please, no gifts” either verbally or in writing. This straightforward approach makes it clear that the host does not want any presents and avoids any confusion or awkwardness that might arise if guests bring gifts despite being told otherwise.

Another option is to use a play on words to express the sentiment while still acknowledging the guests’ presence and contributions. For example, some hosts might say “your presence is our present”, or “the gift of your company is the only gift needed”. These phrases communicate that the guests’ attendance is what matters most and creates an opportunity to underscore the importance of forming connections and memories over material possessions.

For those who prefer a more charitable approach, requesting that guests donate to a specific cause or organization can be a great way to channel their generosity while still avoiding physical gifts. This can be communicated in a few different ways, such as by saying “in lieu of gifts, we request that you make a donation to XYZ charity”. Alternatively, hosts might choose to set up a fundraising page or provide guests with information about the organization they would like to support. This enables guests to give back while also avoiding the stress of shopping for a gift.

While “in lieu of gifts” is a common phrase, there are many other ways that hosts can request no presents without offending their guests. The key is to communicate clearly, respectfully, and with the guests’ best interests in mind.