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How do I ask for honeymoon fund on my website?

Getting married is an exciting time, and planning for the honeymoon can be just as exciting. However, planning an extravagant honeymoon can also come with a hefty price tag. This is where a honeymoon fund comes in. A honeymoon fund is a great way to help with the expenses of your trip, and fortunately, there are many ways to ask for contributions from your friends and family on your wedding website.

Explain Your Honeymoon Fund

When asking for a honeymoon fund, it’s essential to explain what it is and why you’re asking for it. A honeymoon fund is a gift registry that allows your guests to contribute to your honeymoon instead of buying traditional wedding gifts. It’s important to be clear with your guests that the funds will be used solely for the expenses of your honeymoon.

Choose a Platform

There are many platforms available for creating a honeymoon fund. Some couples prefer to use their wedding registry or create a separate GoFundMe page. However, some wedding planning websites offer an integrated honeymoon fund feature that can be easily added to your wedding website.

Personalize Your Request

When asking for a honeymoon fund, it’s important to be personal and genuine. Add a few photos of your destination or travel style to the webpage to let your guests know what to expect from the honeymoon. You can also include a heartfelt message explaining why the honeymoon is important to you both. Personalizing your request can add a touch of sincerity that can help persuade guests to contribute.

Timing is Everything

Timing is essential when asking for contributions for your honeymoon fund. It’s best to include the honeymoon fund request on your wedding website from the start so guests have time to plan accordingly. You can also mention the honeymoon fund on your Save-the-Dates and wedding invitations. However, it’s important not to overshadow the primary reason for your wedding celebration: your love and commitment to one another.

Be Grateful

Finally, it’s essential to show your gratitude to your guests who have contributed to your honeymoon fund. Consider sending thank-you notes, a photo album, or even a postcard from your honeymoon to each donor to show just how much you appreciate their contribution.


Asking for a honeymoon fund on your wedding website can seem awkward or uncomfortable at first, but it’s an excellent way to help with the expenses of your trip while allowing your guests to give a meaningful gift. Remember to explain what a honeymoon fund is and why you’re asking for one while personalizing your request with photos and heartfelt messages. Timing is everything, so be sure to include the request early on your website, and always show your gratitude by thanking your donors in a meaningful way. With these tips, you’re sure to have the honeymoon of your dreams.


How do you ask for money instead of gifts?

When it comes to weddings or any special occasion, it can be difficult to plan for gifts. Some people may prefer to receive monetary gifts instead of traditional wedding gifts. It’s okay to ask for money as a wedding gift, but there are some proper ways to do it. Here are some tips on how to ask for money instead of gifts:

1. Use a Cash Registry Website: This option is becoming increasingly more popular as people look for alternative ways to receive gifts. Simply create a registry website that allows guests to gift you money, rather than traditional gifts. Websites like Zola, Honeyfund, and Tendr are great options if you’re looking to go this route.

2. Never Ask for Cash on Your Wedding Invitation: This is perhaps the most important tip. It’s considered tacky to ask for cash in your wedding invitation. Instead, you can let people know that you’d prefer cash by spreading the word through word of mouth or creating a wedding website.

3. Be Specific About How You’ll Use the Cash: Providing a clear message about how the money will be spent can make people feel more comfortable with giving money as a gift. It’s important to be honest and direct with your requests. For instance, if you need the money for your honeymoon or to put towards a down payment on a home, let guests know.

4. Ask Your Parents and Wedding Party to Spread the Word: Your parents and wedding party are likely the people that most guests will reach out to if they need guidance on what to give you. Have them spread the word to guests that you’d prefer cash as a gift.

5. Set up a Traditional Registry: If you’re concerned about appearing rude by asking for money, you can always create a traditional registry with some gift items in addition to requesting cash.

6. Set Out a Box for Cards at the Reception: Out of sight, out of mind. By having a designated box for cards and monetary gifts at your wedding, guests will feel more comfortable giving you cash.

7. Ideally, Checks Should Be Made Out to Both Of You: To avoid any confusion or technicalities, have checks made out to both you and your spouse.

Remember that it’s okay to ask for money as a wedding gift. Just make sure you do it in a polite and considerate way that ensures your guests feel comfortable with your request.

Does Honeyfund take a percentage?

Yes, Honeyfund does take a percentage of the funds collected through their platform. However, the percentage varies depending on the type of payment that the couple accepts. According to their website, couples who accept both offline and online payments pay an average fee of just 1.8%. This fee percentage may differ for couples who only accept offline payments or for those who receive payments outside of the US.

It’s important to note that guests who contribute to a couple’s Honeyfund account never pay a fee. The fees taken by Honeyfund are only deducted from the funds collected by the couple. This means that guests can contribute to a couple’s honeymoon fund or cash gift registry without incurring any additional costs.

Despite the fee percentage, Honeyfund remains a popular choice for couples who are looking for a user-friendly, customizable platform for collecting funds for their honeymoon, home, or other major expenses. The platform offers a range of features, such as the ability to personalize your registry, send thank-you notes to guests, and receive payments through a variety of options, including PayPal and credit cards.

While Honeyfund does take a percentage of the funds collected through their platform, the fee percentage is relatively low compared to other crowdfunding websites. Additionally, the convenience and features offered by Honeyfund make it a popular choice among couples who are planning major life events.