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How can I make my fireplace look cute?

A fireplace is one of the most inviting and cozy features of any home. However, it can also be a challenge to decoratively elevate it beyond being a mere source of warmth during colder months. This is where creativity comes in. From accenting the space surrounding the fireplace to playing with shades of color and texture, there are many ways to make your fireplace the centerpiece of your living room considering the design style and the ambiance you want to achieve. Here are some tips on how you can make your fireplace look cute and chic.

1. Give it a Colorful Backdrop

One way to uplift the fireplace’s design is by giving the wall surrounding the fireplace a fresh coat of paint. Instead of the usual neutral hue, opt for a color that expresses your personality as it can help evoke emotions and create a mood in the living room. If you have a white or beige fireplace, rich colors such as navy blue, dark green, or terracotta can provide stunning contrast to the fireplace. On the other hand, pale pastel shades, blush, or yellow can brighten up your fireplace and make it more welcoming.

2. Add Unique Artwork

Many homeowners opt for a gallery wall or a mirror over the mantle to showcase their unique sense of style. However, consider adding artwork, sculptures, or other three-dimensional decor to add visual interest to the space in front of the fireplace. The artwork can be anything that speaks to you, from vintage techniques to quirky modern art pieces. Artwork with eye-catching textures, vivid colors, or asymmetrical proportions is a perfect addition that can transform your living room’s aesthetic look.

3. Use Accent Lighting

Statuesque and elegant floor lamps can add a touch of modern perfection and illumination to your living room. Strategically place floor lamps or table lamps near the fireplace to add warmth to the space. With dimmer options or customized lighting systems, you can create a complementary ambiance that suits your desired mood and creates a perfect cocooning feeling around the fireplace.

4. Incorporate Accessories

Accessories can make or break the space. You can add conversation-starting accessories to your fireplace’s hearth, such as decorative brass vases, ceramic bowls, or glass lanterns to feature tealights, votives, or seasonal displays. Andirons, fireplace logs, and industrial grates can add a rustic touch and contribute to the warmth of the space. Decluttering often can create a clean look that enhances your living room’s style and allows all eyes to focus on the fireplace.

5. Update the Mantel

The mantel is a great place to showcase your personality. Spruce it up with family photos, woodblock letters spelling inspiring words, or vintage artifacts. You can also layer a variety of items, such as candles, books, and flowers, into different heights to create an artistic display. If your fireplace isn’t going to be used, consider placing antique candle holders or decorative birds as a statement piece for your mantel, making use of any depth available.


Your fireplace can be transformed from an average-looking feature to a charming and attention-grabbing focal point with the right additions and styling. Whether you’re designing for classic glamour or contemporary chicness, there are a myriad of ideas that can make your fireplace look cute and perfectly suit your style. By experimenting with colors, artwork, lighting, and decorative pieces, you can design your fireplace to reflect your individual taste, creating a haven of coziness that you and everyone else in your home can enjoy.


How do I style my fireplace?

Styling a fireplace is a great way to add character and warmth to your living space. How to style your fireplace depends on your personal taste and style, as well as the design of your fireplace. Here are some tips on how to style your fireplace to make it a beautiful focal point in your home.

1. Choose a Focal Point

The first step in styling your fireplace is to choose a focal point. This could be a large piece of artwork or a mirror, a large candle or vase, or a collection of smaller objects. Consider the size and shape of your fireplace and the surrounding space when choosing a focal point.

2. Use Symmetry

One of the easiest ways to style a fireplace is to use symmetry. This can be accomplished by placing matching objects on either side of the fireplace, such as candlesticks or vases. This creates a very pleasing and balanced look.

3. Add Greenery

Adding greenery is a great way to bring life to your fireplace. Place a large potted plant on either side of the fireplace or use smaller plants to fill in the space. You can also use greenery to create a garland or wreath to hang above the fireplace.

4. Layer Objects

Layering objects is a great way to add depth and interest to your fireplace. Start by placing larger items at the back, such as a mirror or artwork, and then adding smaller items in front, such as candles or vases. This creates a layered effect that draws the eye to the fireplace.

5. Mix Textures

Mixing textures is a great way to add interest and warmth to your fireplace. Combine natural elements, such as wood or stone, with soft textures, such as velvet or fur. This creates a cozy, inviting space that is perfect for relaxing.

6. Consider the Season

Finally, consider the season when styling your fireplace. Use seasonal decor, such as pumpkins and gourds in the fall or flowers in the spring, to bring a festive touch to your fireplace. This is a great way to keep your decor fresh and interesting throughout the year.

There are many ways to style your fireplace to make it a beautiful focal point in your home. By choosing a focal point, using symmetry, adding greenery, layering objects, mixing textures, and considering the season, you can create a cozy and inviting space that you’ll love spending time in.

Why do people put mirrors in front of fireplaces?

In interior design, incorporating mirrors into a living space is a common tool utilized to enhance the ambiance of a room. One common application of mirrors is in front of fireplaces. This is a popular trend for two reasons, aesthetics and function. A fireplace is meant to be a focal point of a room, but sometimes it can be overwhelming due to its fire energy. Therefore, hanging a mirror over the fireplace can help uphold its visual importance while also neutralizing the fire energy.

According to feng shui, the practice of creating harmony between individuals and their environment, mirrors represent the water element. This element can help to dampen the fire energy that is produced by the fireplace. Fire elements are crucial in many living spaces, but if too much fire energy is present it can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, and a lack of stability. In order to mitigate these negative impacts, mirrors can be used to introduce yin energy into the room.

The placement of the mirror is critical for creating positive feng shui in a room. When installing a mirror over a fireplace, it is best to ensure it is hung at an appropriate height to ensure that all individuals seated in the living area can see themselves. This creates a sense of comfort for those in the space. An appropriate height also creates a sense of balance in the room, which is crucial for feng shui.

Furthermore, mirrors can create the illusion of additional space in the living area. The reflection of the fire and surrounding elements can make the room feel larger than it is, creating an open feeling environment. This added feature can further enhance the ambiance of the living space.

Mirrors are hung in front of fireplaces for both aesthetics and functional purposes. Hanging a mirror can help neutralize fire energy and introduce yin energy into a living area. It’s important to hang a mirror at an appropriate height and ensure that everyone seated in the room can see themselves. The addition of a mirror can provide an illusion of additional space in a living area, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room.