Getting Married: The Story of How One Lesbian Couple Fell in Love Getting Married: The Story of How One Lesbian Couple Fell in Love
We are honored to feature Katie and Jackie as they tell the story of how they met, fell in love and got married. From... Getting Married: The Story of How One Lesbian Couple Fell in Love

We are honored to feature Katie and Jackie as they tell the story of how they met, fell in love and got married. From the words of Katie:

I remember it like it was yesterday. I’d been slowly cutting my hair shorter and shorter, and I was finally ready for the big chop. I knew of Jackie. I knew she owned a salon, and I knew she was great at her job. And with the push of several friends telling me that I should try someone knew for my big change, I hunted her down on Facebook and contacted her for an appointment. We set a date, and even though I was living in Savannah at the time, I drove to Macon just because she was rumored to be the best in town. I was nervous, and I couldn’t figure out why. It was just a haircut. As I walked into the salon I caught a glimpse of Jackie standing at her station fixing her hair.

My god – what a beautiful woman. For the first time in my life I had genuine butterflies in my stomach. Maybe it was the excessive coffee from my early drive, but my hands began to shake. I got settled in the chair, and I told her what I wanted and what I didn’t. But I mostly told her I trusted her judgment in changing up my hairstyle since I’m not the one who knows the business. She knew I was nervous, so she made sure to check on me throughout the process. Was I breathing? Did I need anything? We joked a lot, which is one of the first things I began to love about Jackie. Her humor.

She made me laugh the whole time. I vowed to only get my hair cut by her from that point on. Maybe it was the awesome haircut. Maybe it was the fact that she gave me butterflies and I needed to know why. Maybe it was just because I enjoyed being around her. Probably a solid combination of all three. Not to mention she’s kind of good to look at. Every few weeks I would make the drive to Macon – two and a half hours – just to get my hair cut. That started at every six weeks, and then four, and then two. And we quickly added lunch dates and beer dates. We couldn’t stop talking to each other, and we couldn’t stop seeing each other. So we didn’t.

We started dating a few months after we first met. And just like our quick friendship, we quickly noticed we were in love. We quickly noticed we didn’t like being apart. We quickly noticed we didn’t have to be. I was still living in Savannah, but we made sure to see each other every weekend. One of us would make the drive and stay for the weekend. We couldn’t take our eyes (or our hands) off of each other. We’d say things like “I could kiss you forever” and “I could lay in your arms forever”. And then one of us (probably both of us, but I’m not sure which was first) said that we could. We can kiss each other forever. We can hold each other forever. So that’s exactly what we decided to do.

Gay marriage wasn’t yet legal in Georgia in mid-March when we were making this decision, but that didn’t stop us. Jackie had come to see me in Savannah, which is a short drive from Florida, where it was legal. We researched what documents we needed, what counties we could go to, and we went from there. It was March 17, 2015. St. Patrick’s Day. I had the day off from work because Savannah loves the Irish, so that’s when we tied the knot. We piled in the car with coffee and good music, and we drove down the interstate hand-in-hand.

We drove to Nassau County, Florida and made our way to the courthouse where we promised our futures to each other. We promised to love each other at the end of every good day, and at the end of every bad one. We promised to love the mistakes we knew we would make, and the flaws we knew we had. We promised to adore each other, and to treasure each other. We promised to love and respect each other in our words and our actions. We promised to be loyal, to be honest, and to always fight for the love that grew so quickly.

And we’ve done just that. We’ve done that every single day since we met. We’ve always fought for each other. We’ve always been honest with each other. We’ve always loved each other, and we’ve loved each other genuinely. In a world so filled with hatred, we managed to come out of top together, and we always will.





Photographer:  Lindley’s Photography

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  • Cathy Hedglin

    December 13, 2015 #1 Author

    Two beautiful daughters, how lucky can I get. All my love to you both, forever and ever, no matter what, absolutely, “posituvely”💙🌀💙


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