Gay Wedding in Palm Springs Gay Wedding in Palm Springs
How did you two meet? Denny and Brad were introduced by a mutual friend, Brian Weir (who will be officiating over the ceremony). Although... Gay Wedding in Palm Springs

How did you two meet? Denny and Brad were introduced by a mutual friend, Brian Weir (who will be officiating over the ceremony). Although Denny lived in LA for seven years before returning to NY one year before they met, and although he was friends with Brian Weir during much of this time, Brad and Denny never met in LA. When Brian and Brad were in NY for NY Licensing Show, they stuck around NY for the weekend after to see some shows and enjoy NY. downs_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl2_lowOn the Sunday that they were departing back to LA, Brian casually asked Brad if he wanted to join him for brunch with his friend Denny. “Who’s Denny?” Brad asked. “You know Denny,” Brian replied, “He’s one of my close friends.” Brad replied, “I’m your BEST friend. Who is DENNY?” Meanwhile, Denny was upstate and was reticent to cut short his trip once Brian mentioned that he might be bringing a friend to brunch. downs_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl3_lowHe did not want to spend him limited time with Brian entertaining someone new. But, he decided to bit the bullet and come back to NY the evening before anyways. They met over brunch at Cafe Luxembourg and neither can recall if Brian was even there. ;-)* Who proposed? What was your proposal like? Brad and Denny aren’t the proposal types. It was more like Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw deciding that marriage would be a really good idea. downs_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl7_lowIn fact, choosing the rings entailed visiting just two stores and spending a cumulative 10 minutes considering the options before selecting their forever bands. They are both quite decisive and, luckily, on the same page 95% of the time. Besides, each is aware of the imminent death threat that would come from the other should either decide to leave the relationship.* downs_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl18_lowWhy did you choose your venue(s)? Knowing that they wanted to retire to Palm Springs, Brad and Denny purchased a mid-century modern home in the Twin Palms neighborhood in February of 2014. Knowing that their wedding would be in this location that was so special to them both, they started investigating venues. The many hotels that they visited were either too formal for their casual tastes or were not special enough for their wedding day. The Sculpture Gardens at the Palm Springs Art Museum were the perfect venue being both outdoors but within a Palm Springs landmark.* downs_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl19_lowAre any of the details particularly special to you and why? Neither of us, until recently, even considered a legally-binding marriage because it simply wasn’t an option. Once it became legal, friends began asking us if we would ever get married. The more we discussed it, the more we wanted to bring our friends and families together to celebrate our love and our union. downs_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl20_lowWe are touched that so many attendees are so excited for our special day (some can talk with us of nothing else). In fact, our eldest attendee at 100 years old, Ruth Berger, has said, “I’m so excited that I get to attend my first gay wedding!” So, the most special details to us are each and every individual who will make the effort to trek out to Palm Springs to share our special day with us.* downs_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl24_lowWhat are you looking forward to the most about your wedding day? The love, friendship, laughter, and hugs that we will receive in addition to having people from all aspects of our lives get the chance to meet each other.downs_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl32_lowdowns_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl40_lowdowns_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl46_lowdowns_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl49_lowdowns_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl57_lowdowns_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl75_lowdowns_armistead_derekchadphotography_10152016tbl77_low

Photographer: Derek Chad Photography//Caterer: Lulu Bistro//DJ:Music Media Entertainment//Event Planner:Nanciellen Uniacke//Reception Venue:Palm Springs Art Museum//Floral Designer: Vaso Bello Celebrations//

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