Fun LGBTQ Wedding! Fun LGBTQ Wedding!
“ALL LOVE STORIES ARE BEAUTIFUL, BUT OURS IS MY FAVORITE Kaitie and Desiree met in January 2014, while they were both working at Excelsior... Fun LGBTQ Wedding!


Kaitie and Desiree met in January 2014, while they were both working at Excelsior Youth Center in Denver. As colleagues, they shared cups of coffee and small talk in the kitchen, talked about volleyball and growing up in Colorado, and ensured the safety of the many kids at EYC. Myhre_Vader_Third_Eye_Photography_WeddingPhotographyinCrestedButteThirdEyePhotography120288120of2012829L_lowKaitie claims that she was interested in Desiree at this time, but they were both convinced that Desiree liked those of the opposite sex.Kaitie left EYC in April 2014 for bigger and better things…otherwise known as nannying (to finance her pursuit of a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling). Desiree was still working tirelessly at EYC, setting up the schedule during the day and keeping kids safe by night. Part of scheduling was begging people to work; one of her victims was Kaitie. Myhre_Vader_Third_Eye_Photography_WeddingPhotographyinCrestedButteThirdEyePhotography120287920of2012829L_lowGood thing Kaitie is always willing to help out! One day, Kaitie grudgingly came to work the 3pm-12am shift, but had a little trick up her sleeve. She brought Desiree a card with some gift cards enclosed to try to get Desiree out for a decent meal and cup of coffee which neither Kaitie nor Desiree prepared in the EYC kitchen. So began Kaitie’s courtship of Desiree Mariah Myhre.Kaitie picked up another shift on a particularly hectic night. When Desiree arrived at 10pm as one of the reinforcements that needed to be called in, she found herself sitting next to Kaitie on “protective observation.” This merely means sitting in front of a door, looking in a window to make sure that the kid inside isn’t hurting herself. Myhre_Vader_Third_Eye_Photography_WeddingPhotographyinCrestedButteThirdEyePhotography120287720of2012829L_lowTogether, they experienced yelling, screaming, a kid playing with a condom that she had smuggled in, sleeping children, and a lot of laughter. In order to pass the time, they took to drawing pictures on the window, as well as tallying random screams from their respective children. Desiree still didn’t realize that Kaitie was interested in her, but she claims she was starting to question her intentions.Soon after that night, Desiree received her second gift, a hand-drawn CRACKOON – a joke of a drawing made on the crazy night of protective observation. Kaitie and Desiree took to emailing and texting jokes and funny pictures day and night. Myhre_Vader_Third_Eye_Photography_WeddingPhotographyinCrestedButteThirdEyePhotography120286520of2012829L_lowLate at night on August 19th, 2014 Kaitie, needing to see Desiree, surprised her at work, and from that point on Desiree was finally convinced Kaitie liked her. Des immediately asked if they could start dating. She ain’t no fool… she knows a good one when she sees one.They exchanged many late night conversations, shared Jimmy Johns, and slowly Desiree stopped working so much and started being with Kaitie more and more. Since then, they have been inseparable. Myhre_Vader_Third_Eye_Photography_WeddingPhotographyinCrestedButteThirdEyePhotography12028320of2012829L_lowDesiree left EYC in December 2014 to work at Harris Davis Rebar, while Kaitie still nannies and is a third of the way through her graduate degree. They moved in together in April 2015 and have shared countless memories together. Zip-lining, skydiving, and taking trips to Minnesota, Gunnison, Moab and Santa Fe. Myhre_Vader_Third_Eye_Photography_WeddingPhotographyinCrestedButteThirdEyePhotography120286420of2012829L_lowThey go to concerts and plays, take long walks, play volleyball together, eat at as many restaurants as they can, and share a love of Netflix.On October 17, 2015 Kaitie put a ring on it and the two will be married on June 19, 2016 in Crested Butte, Colorado. They hope to share the moment that begins the rest of their lives together with their closest family and friends.”