Elegant Scottish Wedding In Utah Elegant Scottish Wedding In Utah
How did you two meet? We first met in the Missionary Training Center of the LDS church. We were later mission companions. After our... Elegant Scottish Wedding In Utah

How did you two meet?

We first met in the Missionary Training Center of the LDS church. We were later mission companions. After our missions, we were long time roommates.

Who proposed? What was your proposal like?

I proposed to Emma, but after I proposed, I passed her the box with my ring in it and told her it was her turn to propose to me. She didn’t see that coming. 

Our proposals took place here at Emma’s house. I decorated the living room and kitchen with several small lavender candles, a purple orchid, etc. I had Adele playing on the speakers in the background, as Adele is one of Emma’s favorites, and we’ll most likely have an Adele song as our wedding dance song. I spread a large, soft cloth, plaid tablecloth across the living room floor with pillows all around.

I went all over Salt Lake and the valley collecting specialty foods and drinks that had special meaning to both Emma and I as a couple: French and European cheeses, spreads, fancy finger foods, mini desserts, etc.

We sat cross legged from each other, and I proposed first. I can’t even remember what I said, which isn’t like me. Emma said the most beautiful, to me, things that made me cry out of pure joy and happiness. 

We then watched a British historical-romantic movie, snuggled up together on the couch.

During the time I was here in Utah (late Oct. 2016 to early Nov. 2016) the weather was clear and bright, but the day of the proposal, it was raining, so it added perfectly to the “cozy at home” theme. 

Why did you choose your venue(s)?

I’m wearing an authentic Scottish kilt with one of my Scottish family clan tartans for the wedding. Emma is wearing a traditional dress, which I’m not allowed to see until the wedding day. After a lot of research and venue shopping in person, we decided on Sleepy Ridge for the old Scottish golf course feel. We have access to the grounds around the building and to a patio in addition to the Garden Room. There are wonderful, natural views of the mountains and the lake from this venue. Our house is literally five minutes away. 

Are any of the details particularly special to you and why?

Hopefully our Scottish/medical/literature themed table center pieces will be a detail that is special to us. I got my master’s in British (specifically Scottish 19C) Literature, and Emma is an OBGYN. I’ve been collecting antique medicine bottles for a few years. We plan to decorate the bottles with tartan ribbon, and have lavender and heather etc. in the bottles. We hope to have old hard cover works of literature on each table – and possibly framed literary quotes. 

Emma’s wedding shoes have my Scottish family tartan on them. My kilt itself is very special to me – the family tartan of my mom’s mother’s line – the Sinclairs from Paisley, Scotland. Emma also has some Scottish heritage in addition to her mostly English and Welsh family – both sides. 

Our rings are very special to us. My ring has a trinity knot Celtic pattern on it, and has an aquamarine gemstone. Emma has a slightly lighter blue stone as the main stone of her ring. Her ring’s style name is “Adele” – which makes it extra special – ha. Light blue is Emma’s favorite colour.

We’re having a hand-fasting as part of our wedding ceremony – so the actual hand-fasting ribbon will be a special detail, as will the quaich – the Scottish cup that we’ll both sip from.

What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding day?

Emma is most looking forward to seeing my reaction to her in her wedding dress. Both of us are looking forward to being surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues who love and support us in our marriage and as a couple. We’re so fortunate to have so many highly supportive people coming to our wedding. We look forward to the joy of being surrounded by such love. Many of our friends and family were moved to tears of joy over our “coming out” as a couple. 

Emma and I both look forward to giving each cute and loving looks – whispering personal, sweet, and sexy things to each other throughout the wedding and reception, and being affectionate in public.

I’m also looking forward to the music – as I’m composing the wedding dance song list – and I’m also making our love story “soundtrack” as one of our wedding favors to our guests.

Photographer:  Derek Chad Photography//Shoes:Cole Haan//Cinema and Video:Derek Chad Photography//Dress Store: Fantasy Bridal//Floral Designer: Floral Rhapsody//Jewelry:Gemvera//Apparel:HeilanShoo//Beauty:Kadence Pinder//Jewelry:Krikawa Jewelry Designs//Caterer: Magleby’s Catering//Hair Stylist:Megan Jackson//Reception Venue: Sleepy Ridge Golf Course//Apparel:The British Shop//Apparel:The Scotland Shop//DJ: Utah Jive//

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