Elegant Black and White Gay Wedding Elegant Black and White Gay Wedding
Erin (C), this is what your beautiful partner Erin wanted me to know about you…. “I can’t even begin to compare how I felt... Elegant Black and White Gay Wedding

Erin (C), this is what your beautiful partner Erin wanted me to know about you….

“I can’t even begin to compare how I felt before I met Erin, however I do know that since she has come into my life, and since being loved by her, nothing has ever felt so good! I always believed that everyone has that one true love. It wasn’t until I met Erin that I believed I would be lucky enough to find mine! When I realized I was in love with Erin, I was nervous at first because we had such a great friendship….and I didn’t want to jeopardize it. This was the once-in-a-lifetime love you only see in the movies or in a dream, so I was beyond excited to know that I had someone so special…right in front of me. Erin inspires me to be me! She encourages me to be true to myself. She makes me feel more proud of myself than I have ever felt in my life…and that’s all because of her love for me.toth_cooper_eva_derrick_photography_edpw05212016erinerin022_low

There are many qualities I admire about Erin…her pride, determination and her confidence. If Erin wants something, she won’t let anything stand in her way. She is passionate about who she is and is very proud to be herself. Erin is the most loving and caring person I know. She is not afraid to show affection for the people she loves. The way she loves me is the best feeling in the world. Erin has taught me so much, however three things that stand out the most are; to be confident in who I am, how to truly love and trust someone, and to work together to create a loving family.toth_cooper_eva_derrick_photography_edpw05212016erinerin037_low

Erin is everything to me. She is my best friend and my one true love…my very favorite person. The cliché is that every little girl dreams about their wedding day. Although I’m not your typical bride, I have dreamt about standing in front of Erin and promising my life to her forever! The thought of my wedding day has brought me to tears because I honestly feel like the luckiest person alive. Not only do I get to spend my life with Erin….but Thomas, Teagan and Riley are my family forever as well. Erin always told me she wanted to be with someone who loved her like her dad loves her mom. I so admire Mal & Carolyn’s relationship, and I can only hope that one day the kids will find someone who loves and cares for them the way I love and care for their mother.”

toth_cooper_eva_derrick_photography_edpw05212016erinerin055_lowErin (T)…..this is what your beautiful partner Erin wanted me to know about you:

“Even though I have been alive for 41 years, I can say with all honesty that I never really starting ‘living’ until I met Erin two years ago. I have wandered through life trying to make sense of it all, but never truly feeling fulfilled…that is…until now! To say that I see the world with new eyes would be an understatement. toth_cooper_eva_derrick_photography_edpw05212016erinerin070_low

When I realized I was in love with Erin, it was the most magnificent and terrifying feeling…all at the same time! It was like I had been given a second chance at not only love, but at life itself. I had no idea this kind of love existed and certainly never thought I would be lucky enough to experience it. I have never felt as complete as I do now…life is actually fun, and I love every moment of it. I am excited about life, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and our beautiful family.toth_cooper_eva_derrick_photography_edpw05212016erinerin084_low

Erin inspires me in every single way. She is her own woman with her own style…she does her own thing and has the courage to live outside the box. I love that she is proud of who she is and makes no apologies. Erin’s sense of humour is another quality I admire. Her quick wit makes us laugh every single day. I love that Erin has embraced parenting, and…without a doubt, she is one of the best parents I have ever seen! She loves my children like they were her own and she will do anything to make them comfortable, make them laugh and above all just enjoy life. I also admire Erin for her dedication to anything and everything she does. We poke fun at her for being so competitive…but I actually really admire her drive to win! She is also dedicated to her passions…and I am thankful that I am one of them! She puts me above everything else in the world and I honestly could not feel more loved or committed to.toth_cooper_eva_derrick_photography_edpw05212016erinerin092_low

From Erin I have learned to laugh…at almost everything in life. I have learned to be comfortable, proud and confident in who I am, and if you haven’t got the picture already, I have learned what love really is! From me, Erin has learned that although parenting is fun, it can be a lot of work and… it gets you up way earlier than she would like! Erin & I dream of our future together…all the time. We visualize our grown up family with grandchildren and spending time doing all the things we love. Erin & I are both strong & independent women. I’ve come to realize that we do not need each other, however we choose each other every day. I wanted to summarize my thoughts with this quote that Erin put in a card for me….it’s from a song by ‘Pink’….toth_cooper_eva_derrick_photography_edpw05212016erinerin152_low

You & me we belong together, just like a breath needs the air.

I told you if you called I would come runnin’, across the highs, the lows and in between.

You and me we got two minds that think as one,

And our hearts march to the same beat.

They say everything happens for a reason.

That’s you and me!”



Photographer: eva derrick photography//Dress Store: BCBG//Officiant:Married By Mandi//Dress Store: Promises and Lace//Event Venue: Vineland Estates Winery//

Officiant: https://www.facebook.com/MarriedByMandi/

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