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Modern, rustic, classic, chevron, romantic, organic chic – so many styles these days to choose from. What do wedding planners and designers say? Make... Dynamic DIY Wedding Design

Modern, rustic, classic, chevron, romantic, organic chic – so many styles these days to choose from. What do wedding planners and designers say? Make it your own. As our community grows more accustomed to getting married, the onslaught of information can sometimes be overwhelming.

The overwhelming look at planning your wedding can be made a bit simpler by looking at your design. To do this I always suggest to my couples to look around the house, artwork, furniture, and decor and get a feel for your aesthetic. It could be simplistic, it could be modern, mid-century modern, outdoorsy, or even sporty. Always remember that there is no right or wrong way to describe the design of your day.

There is a simple activity I ask of my couples that is fun and helps so much with this task. Before we meet, I have each of them pick out three items that describes them. It could be a piece of clothing, jewelry, power tool, plant, picture, travel item – any three items that shows who you are as a person and a couple. From this you start to get a feel for your style, which then grows into your aesthetic. From this you can start to create what your day is going to look like. Will it be a formal wedding, in a ballroom, or will it be a small intimate celebration at an art gallery.

From these items we start to develop specific ideas for the wedding.

A couple who travels may want to use a passport looking invitation. Instead of flowers maybe they use pictures or items from their favorite destinations. A couple who likes to read would use a library card invitation and maybe the drawer from a card catalog as the container for the centerpiece.

Pinterest when it first arrived was a nightmare for professionals in the industry. Every couple had access to every Martha Stewart creation and wanted that exact item. It has since evolved into an incredible tool that helps couples, friends, family and designers come together. All those ideas, and I mean all of them, can be collected in one spot. Amazing pictures can be combined to create your own style.

Again, style is all about you. Not some prefabricated idea. The internet is an incredible tool for inspiration and ideas. Most couples think they don’t have a style, or it’s not important. We aren’t saying that you HAVE to have some sort of theme. But our recommendation is to make sure you incorporate some part of you into your day. It could be what you wear, what you eat or our favorite what you drink.

So many times people over look a simple signature cocktail. Whether it be a custom recipe, with the hottest trend of craft cocktails, or even a simple favorite like a vodka-cran but with a fun name like our couple David and Emmanuel who created the “D&E”. Simple drink, but kept the fun throughout the whole evening.

As DIY is all the rage, one thing we do recommend is not to discard the idea of a wedding planner or designer too fast. You can do all the DIY you want beforehand but at the very least trying to coordinate all of that coming together while trying to enjoy your day can be too much. A planner is less expensive than you think and more valuable then you know.

My message throughout all of this article, is again, make it your own. Never feel you “have to” or “should do” something. The thrilling part of our newly found freedom and rights, is that it is ours. Ours to create traditions, and create memories.

Congratulations to all couples in love, and I look forward to seeing your special moments.

David Twigger, a wedding planner and designer who lives in Phoenix, AZ is married to his husband Emmanuel and is Creative Director and Owner of Vermilion Events and T Weddings.


Photographs by 3D Photography & Design

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