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Does Tasha hook up with Shawn?

“Power” is a popular American crime drama television series that aired on STARZ network. The series follows the story of James St. Patrick, a drug kingpin who tries to leave the world of crime behind him. Tasha St. Patrick is the wife of James, and their relationship is a central part of the show. But one of the most controversial aspects of the show was Tasha’s relationship with Shawn, James’ driver and protege. Many fans wonder, “Does Tasha hook up with Shawn?” In this blog post, we will explore the answer to that question.

The Affair with Shawn

Tasha St. Patrick is a complex character in “Power.” She is a loyal wife who stands by her husband, James, but also wants more from life. When Shawn enters the picture, Tasha sees an opportunity for escape from her difficult life. Shawn is James’ driver, but he is also young and handsome, and Tasha is immediately attracted to him.

Tasha and Shawn’s relationship was not initially sexual, but it eventually becomes physical. The affair starts when Tasha is feeling neglected by James, who is busy trying to leave the drug game behind him. With James out of the picture, Tasha starts to rely more and more on Shawn for emotional support.

The sexual tension between Tasha and Shawn becomes apparent, and they finally succumb to their desires. Tasha and Shawn’s affair is not hidden from anyone. In fact, Lakeisha, Tasha’s closest friend, is aware of the affair and encourages Tasha to continue it.

The Repercussions

As expected, the affair between Tasha and Shawn has significant repercussions for everyone involved. James is understandably devastated by the betrayal of his wife and protégé. The violence in the show reaches new heights as James goes into a rage, resulting in the death of Shawn.

The affair also tests the friendship between Tasha and Lakeisha. When Lakeisha starts to feel uncomfortable with Tasha and Shawn’s relationship, she tries to put a stop to it. However, Tasha is unable to give up her newfound passion, and this leads to a rift between the two friends.

The affair with Shawn also exposes Tasha’s vulnerability. It reveals that she is unhappy in her life and is looking for ways to escape. Tasha’s desire for a better life is understandable. She is living with a man who is constantly unfaithful, and a life of luxury is tempting, especially when Shawn starts to flaunt his money and power.


In conclusion, the answer to the question of whether Tasha hooks up with Shawn is a resounding yes. The affair between Tasha and Shawn is a significant part of the storyline in “Power.” It is a harrowing tale of love, betrayal, and violence that tests the limits of trust and loyalty. Ultimately, the affair with Shawn exposes Tasha’s vulnerability and desire for a better life. However, it also leads to the death of Shawn and creates new challenges for Tasha and her family. Overall, the affair between Tasha and Shawn is a compelling element of the show that keeps the audience hooked and constantly guessing what will happen next.


What episode does Shawn sleep with Tasha?

In the hit TV series “Power,” Tasha, the wife of drug kingpin Ghost, had an affair with Shawn, Ghost’s protégé. The episode where Shawn and Tasha sleep together happens in Season 3, Episode 9. In this episode, Ghost and Tasha’s marriage is on the rocks, with Tasha feeling neglected due to Ghost’s busy schedule, and Ghost becomes jealous when he notices Tasha’s attraction to Shawn.

In a heated confrontation, Ghost accuses Tasha of having an affair with Shawn, which Tasha denies. However, after the argument, Tasha goes to Shawn’s apartment and the two of them sleep together. The episode ends with Tasha and Shawn lying in bed together, with Tasha expressing her doubts about how long their affair will last.

This episode marked a turning point in the series, with the affair between Tasha and Shawn having significant consequences for all involved. The relationship between Ghost and Tasha continued to deteriorate after this episode, with both of them dealing with the ramifications of their infidelity and the danger that comes with their criminal lifestyle.

Shawn and Tasha’s affair happens in Season 3, Episode 9 of “Power,” and serves as a pivotal moment in the series.

Does Tasha find out Kanan killed Shawn?

In the TV series “Power”, Tasha St. Patrick, the wife of main character James “Ghost” St. Patrick, becomes entangled in the web of lies and violence that surrounds her husband’s drug empire. One of the significant plot points of the series was the murder of Shawn, Tasha’s longtime confidant and Ghost’s protégé, by their former associate Kanan.

Initially, Tasha suspected that her husband James was responsible for Shawn’s death, believing that he had found out about the affair between Tasha and Shawn and taken matters into his own hands. However, James categorically denied this accusation, insisting that he would never kill someone he considered family. Later, Tommy, James’s right-hand man, revealed to Tasha that it was Kanan who had killed Shawn, not James.

Tasha and LaKeisha, who was Shawn’s mother, later saw Shawn’s corpse at the morgue, confirming that he was indeed dead. Tasha was devastated by the news and struggled to come to terms with the fact that her friend had been murdered by someone she had once trusted. On one hand, Tasha was relieved that her husband was not a killer, but on the other hand, she realized that Kanan posed a significant threat to their family’s safety and well-being.

As the show progressed, Tasha and James often found themselves at odds over how to deal with Kanan and the potential danger he posed to their family. Tasha’s discovery of Kanan’s involvement in Shawn’s death was a pivotal moment in the series, as it further complicated an already complex web of relationships and alliances. While Tasha did find out that Kanan had killed Shawn, the revelation only served to deepen the tensions and conflicts that characterized the show’s plot.

Who is Tasha’s love interest on Power?

In the popular American crime drama television series “Power,” Tasha St. Patrick is one of the lead characters who plays the role of James St. Patrick aka “Ghost” St. Patrick’s ex-wife. Throughout the series, Tasha has had various love interests, including her husband Ghost, but in season 6, a new love interest is introduced for her character.

Quinton “Q” Wallace is a successful businessman who owns his nightclub. He and Tasha develop a romantic relationship, which serves as a new storyline for the series. While Tasha is starting to develop feelings for Q and is ready to start a new life with him, he becomes involved in a dangerous situation with Ghost, which puts her in the middle of their rivalry.

As the story unfolds, Q is revealed to have a past connection with Ghost, leading to conflicts and challenges in his relationship with Tasha. Q’s character serves as an obstacle between Tasha and Ghost and adds a twist to the series in terms of the dynamics between the characters.

Quinton “Q” Wallace is a new love interest introduced in season 6 of “Power” for Tasha St. Patrick, who brings newfound love and complexities to her character’s storyline.

What is Tasha’s real name?

Tasha is a character played by Naturi Naughton in the popular Starz Network show, “Power”. Naturi Naughton is a talented American actress and singer who was born on May 20, 1984, in East Orange, New Jersey. Her parents are Brenda and Ezra Naughton, and she has two younger siblings. Naturi grew up in New Jersey, where she attended St. Joseph’s Catholic School and Immaculate Conception High School.

Naturi Naughton began her entertainment career as a member of the girl group “3LW” in the early 2000s, where she was known for her powerful vocals and energetic performances. After leaving the group in 2002, she pursued a solo career and also ventured into acting. Naturi made her theatrical debut in the Broadway musical “Hairspray” in 2005, where she played the role of “Little Inez” and received critical acclaim.

In 2009, Naturi Naughton landed the role of “Lil Kim” in the biopic “Notorious”, which was a film about the life and career of rapper Notorious B.I.G. Her portrayal of “Lil Kim” earned her critical acclaim and opened doors for more acting opportunities. In 2014, she landed the role of “Tasha St. Patrick” in the hit show “Power”, which is her most notable role to date.

Tasha’S real name is Naturi Naughton, a talented American actress and singer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She is best known for her performance as “Tasha St. Patrick” in “Power” and has also made waves in her singing career and theatrical productions. Naturi has won two NAACP Image Awards for her performance in “Power” and continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Does Tasha get pregnant in Power?

In the popular crime drama television series “Power,” Tasha St. Patrick, the wife of the main character, James “Ghost” St. Patrick, played by actor Omari Hardwick, became pregnant twice during the show. Tasha, played by actress Naturi Naughton, gave birth to two children in the series – Raina and Yasmin.

Tasha’s first pregnancy was with her daughter Raina, which was revealed early in the show’s run. In season three, episode five, there is an exchange between Tasha and her friend LaKeisha, in which Tasha tells her that she is pregnant. From that moment on, the show presents Tasha as pregnant and often uses the pregnancy as a way to drive the plot forward, especially in terms of how it impacts Tasha’s strained relationship with Ghost.

During the filming of the show, actress Naturi Naughton had to act out several difficult scenes while pregnant, which proved to be a challenge. In an interview, Naughton revealed that a specific scene where her character had to run while being pregnant was particularly difficult and that she had to run several takes before nailing it.

Tasha’s second pregnancy was with her daughter, Yasmin, towards the end of the series. The show depicts Tasha being pregnant and giving birth to Yasmin, but the birth is not shown on screen. Instead, the show focuses on Tasha’s struggle to keep her family safe and navigate the complex world of the drug trade.

Tasha St. Patrick, played by Naturi Naughton, became pregnant twice in the series “Power.” The first was with her daughter Raina, and the second was with her daughter Yasmin. The show uses Tasha’s pregnancies as a way to drive the plot forward, and actress Naughton had to act out several challenging scenes while pregnant, which proved to be a challenge for her.

Who is Ghost ex girlfriend in Power?

In the popular TV series called Power, Ghost, the main character, had several relationships during the show. One of his ex-girlfriends in the show was named Chelle. Chelle was a major character in the Power universe, serving as a minor character in Power Book II: Ghost and later as Cane Tejada’s girlfriend. She was a central character in season 1 and 2 of Power Book II: Ghost.

Chelle was introduced in the series as Rel’s ex-girlfriend, a character who was a part of the Power Book II: Ghost show. She first appeared in season one of Power Book II: Ghost when Tariq decided to deal drugs to make money for his mother’s defence in court. Chelle was dating Rel, who was also a drug dealer, and Tariq ended up making a deal with him.

Rel ended up getting arrested, and Chelle was left without her boyfriend. She quickly found comfort in Cane Tejada, a member of the Tejada drug family, and they started a relationship. Cane was charming, and Chelle was smitten with him, which caused some jealousy in his younger brother, Dru.

As the series progressed, Chelle’s relationship with Cane became more complicated, especially when he used her to get to Tariq. Without giving away too many spoilers, Chelle’s storyline ended in season 2 when she was caught in the crossfire between Tariq and the Tejada family.

Chelle was Ghost’s ex-girlfriend in Power Book II: Ghost. While their relationship wasn’t explored in much detail in the series, it is evident that they had a past and that Ghost moved on from her. Chelle’s character added some complexity to the story, and her relationships with Rel and Cane made for an interesting storyline in the series.

Is Pookie the father of Tasha’s baby?

In the TV series “The Game”, Pookie is portrayed as an ex-con who becomes Tasha’s friend and eventually her love interest. In the fourth season, Tasha gives birth to a baby boy, and it is revealed that Pookie is the father. Despite some initial tension between the two, they go on to develop a happy family dynamic with their newborn son.

While there may have been doubts about the paternity of the baby, the show definitively confirms that Pookie is indeed the father. This is an important plot point in the evolution of Tasha and Pookie’s relationship, as it solidifies their connection and mutual commitment to raising their child together.

Paternity tests are commonly used to determine the biological father of a child, but in the case of Tasha’s baby, it seems that DNA testing was not necessary. The show’s narrative makes it clear that Pookie and Tasha were sexually involved around the time of conception, and there are no other contenders for the role of the father.

The answer to the question of whether Pookie is the father of Tasha’s baby is a resounding yes. This revelation has important implications for the characters and their future together, and it is an important plot point in the ongoing story of “The Game.”