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Do you do favors for bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a moment of celebration and appreciation for the bride-to-be. It is a chance for the bride and her friends to have some fun and mark the start of a new era. The bridal shower is also an opportunity for the bride’s friends and family to offer her gifts in anticipation for the upcoming wedding.

One important question that many people ask is whether or not they should give favors for their bridal shower guests. While it is not mandatory, offering favors for bridal showers is always a thoughtful touch.

There are many reasons to give favors to the guests at a bridal shower. Firstly, it is one way to thank the guests for coming to the celebration. Secondly, favors are an excellent way to make the event more memorable and unique. Lastly, offering favors creates a more cohesive and intimate atmosphere.

When it comes to choosing the type of favor to give, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to inspire your decision-making process.

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

1. Candles: Scented candles are a popular option for bridal shower favors. They come in different sizes and scents, allowing you to choose a candle that reflects your theme and style. You can even customize the candle labels with the bride’s name or initials.

2. Personalized Wine Glasses: Personalized wine glasses are always a hit at any bridal shower. You can print the bride and groom’s names on the glasses to make it extra special.

3. Succulents: Succulents are low-maintenance plants that make adorable and unique favors for guests. You can add small pots or tins that match your décor and theme and choose different types of succulents.

4. Chocolates: A box of chocolates is a classic favor that everyone appreciates. You can personalize the chocolate wrappers with the bride and groom’s names or initials or choose a unique flavor that reflects the couple’s personality.

5. Tote Bags: Tote bags are a functional and stylish favor option that guests will love. You can get creative with the design and printing, making it an excellent souvenir for attendees.


In conclusion, giving favors to bridal shower guests is an excellent way to thank them for celebrating the bride-to-be. It creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere and adds to the memories of a special day. The choice of favors is unlimited, and you can always find something that reflects your theme and style. So, the next time you plan a bridal shower, remember to consider offering favors as a thoughtful touch.


What do you put on a bridal shower favor?

A bridal shower is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be and show appreciation to the closest friends and family members who have supported her throughout her wedding preparations. One way to express gratitude is by offering a thoughtful and unique bridal shower favor.

The perfect bridal shower favor should be thoughtful, memorable, and reflect the personality and style of the bride and the guests in attendance. Some popular gift ideas for bridal shower favors include lip balms, treats, candles, seed packets, key chains, honey jars, succulents, soaps, olive oil, tea, coffee, bath bombs, mints, and many more.

Lip balms are a great choice for a bridal shower favor as they are practical, hydrating and come in a variety of flavors and scents. They are a perfect way to pamper the guests and keep their lips smooth for the wedding day.

Sweet treats such as cookies, chocolates, or candy are another popular wedding favor idea. Delicious goodies wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon or a personalized tag are a wonderful way to thank your guests for attending the bridal shower.

Candles are another popular gift choice for bridal shower favors. They come in a variety of scents and colors which make them a versatile and stylish gift. You can even personalize them with a customized label or a sticker.

Seed packets are also a great option for bridal shower favors. They are eco-friendly and symbolic of growth and new beginnings, perfect for celebrating the bride-to-be. You can opt for seeds of the bride’s favorite flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Lastly, succulents are a beautiful and low-maintenance choice for a bridal shower favor. They come in various colors and sizes and make for a long-lasting and elegant gift. You can also decorate the pot with a ribbon or a customized tag.

Finding the perfect bridal shower favor can be an exciting task as there are various thoughtful gift options to choose from. Personalizing the favors with customized stickers or tags adds a unique touch that will make them even more memorable. Show your appreciation to your guests with a small token of gratitude, and they’ll keep the memory of your bridal shower long after the wedding day.

Who typically pays for a bridal shower?

In most cases, it is customary for the person or persons hosting the bridal shower to foot the bill for the event. This typically means paying for any venue rental fees, food and beverages, decorations, invitations, and any other party essentials. It is important to note that the host or hosts are not expected to provide lavish meals or extravagant gifts, but rather they should focus on creating an enjoyable and welcoming environment for the bride-to-be and her guests.

However, there are certain circumstances in which the financial responsibility of the shower may shift. For example, if a member of the bride’s family or close friend group wishes to host the party but cannot afford to do so alone, it is perfectly acceptable for other attendees to offer to pitch in and help cover costs. This could mean splitting the expenses evenly between several people or simply contributing what each is able to afford.

The most important thing is that the bridal shower is a joyous and memorable occasion that celebrates the bride-to-be and her upcoming wedding. While tradition may place the financial burden on the host or hosts, there is always room for flexibility and creative solutions that allow everyone to pitch in and contribute to the festivities.

Does the mother of the groom help with bridal shower?

Traditionally speaking, the mother of the groom is not expected to help with the bridal shower. The shower is typically hosted by the bride’s side of the family or her closest friends.

However, that being said, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding and bridal shower etiquette. So, if the mother of the groom would like to help out with the bridal shower in some way, she may certainly do so. She can offer to host it at her home or contribute financially to the party.

If the mother of the groom does decide to host the shower, it is important that she work closely with the bride’s family to ensure that the event is planned and executed smoothly. The bride’s family may have specific ideas or preferences for the shower, so it is important to communicate openly and work together to create a cohesive event.

Additionally, the mother of the groom may choose to bring a small gift for the bride to the shower. This can be something thoughtful and personal that shows her support for the newlywed couple.

In some cases, it may not be possible for the mother of the groom to attend the bridal shower hosted by the bride’s family. Perhaps she lives too far away or has other commitments. In that case, she may choose to host her own shower for the bride and invite the bride’s family and friends to attend. This can be a great way for the families to come together and celebrate the upcoming marriage.

While the mother of the groom is not expected to help with the bridal shower, she may certainly do so if she wishes. It is important to communicate openly and work together with the bride’s family to ensure that the event is planned smoothly. Bringing a small gift for the bride is also a thoughtful gesture.