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Do Kleinfeld brides get paid?

Kleinfeld Bridal is a famous wedding boutique in New York and is the iconic setting where Say Yes to the Dress TV show is filmed. It is a reality television show about brides who are shopping for wedding dresses. It shows different brides who have various ideas of what they want their wedding dress to look like. One of the popular questions people ask is whether the brides on Say Yes to the Dress get paid. In this blog post, we will explore this question in detail and try to answer it.


Say Yes to the Dress has been running for almost two decades now. The show started in the UK, but it became more popular in the US. The show airs on TLC, and as of 2021, it has 20 seasons. The show has ten tailors, six bridal consultants, and two managers who help brides select their perfect wedding dress.

The Kleinfeld Bridal boutique is where the show is filmed. The boutique is the largest luxury bridal retail shop in the United States. The store has four stories of the wedding apparel and accessories and carries designer wedding dresses from all over the world.

Do Kleinfeld brides get paid?

The answer is no. Kleinfeld brides do not get paid for their appearance. The show’s producers use various channels to search for brides who want to appear on the show.

Kleinfeld brides are free to apply to be on the show, but applying does not guarantee them a spot. The producers choose who appears based on multiple factors such as the bride’s story and their wedding dress selection.

One of the reasons brides choose to be on the reality show is the exposure it provides. Being on national television can be exciting for some brides, and it allows them to share their story with the world. Brides are allowed to invite their family members and friends to the filming of the show, which can add to their wedding experience.

Are Kleinfeld brides compensated in any form?

No, Kleinfeld brides are not compensated in any form. Even though they are appearing on national television, they receive no payment for their appearance. The brides have to pay for their wedding dress as the shop operates like a regular bridal boutique.

However, it is worth noting that some brides get special treatments due to their unique situations. For example, brides who are teachers or first responders might get some incentives, such as discounted rates on their wedding dresses. The incentives are not a form of payment but are more like an appreciation for their service.

Why do brides still want to be on Say Yes to the Dress?

Even though Kleinfeld brides do not receive any form of compensation, many brides still want to be on the show. Here are some reasons why:


Being on national television can be exciting for many brides. It provides them with an opportunity to share their story with the world and to have their wedding featured on a popular TV show.


Shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming, and the experience of being on Say Yes to the Dress can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The show provides brides with a chance to share the shopping experience with family and friends, which can make the experience even more memorable.

Expert advice

The staff at Kleinfeld Bridal are experienced consultants who have helped thousands of brides find their dream dress. By appearing on the show, brides get access to expert advice, and they can trust that they are getting the best advice from the best bridal consultants in the world.


In conclusion, Kleinfeld brides do not get paid for their appearance. Even though they appear on national television, there is no financial compensation for their time on the show. However, the show provides brides with an opportunity to share their story, experience the Kleinfeld Bridal boutique, and get expert advice on their wedding dress.


Does Camille still work at Kleinfeld’s?

Camille Coffey is a well-known name among Kleinfeld bridal consultants. She has become an icon in the bridal industry, thanks to her expertise in helping brides-to-be find their dream wedding dresses. Camille has been working at Kleinfeld for several years now and has become a familiar face to many of the regular customers.

Camille’s journey at Kleinfeld started when she was shopping for a dress to wear to her son’s wedding. She visited Kleinfeld to find something that would highlight her style and make her feel comfortable. It was there that she fell in love with the store’s atmosphere and decided to apply for a job.

After applying, Camille went through an intensive training program to learn all about the different styles, cuts, and fabrics used in bridal dresses. She was so dedicated that she even took classes to learn how to sew and design dresses to perfect her craft.

Camille’s work at Kleinfeld has been exceptional. She has been praised by many customers for her outgoing and friendly personality, her attention to detail, and her ability to listen to her clients’ needs. Her skills have helped numerous brides choose the perfect dress for their special day.

As for the question – Does Camille still work at Kleinfeld’s? The answer is yes. She is still one of the few select bridal consultants that have been working at Kleinfeld for years. Her love for the job, her expertise, and her passion for helping brides-to-be find their dream dresses has kept her at Kleinfeld’s for all these years.

How many dresses can you try on Say Yes to the Dress?

The popular television show Say Yes to the Dress showcases brides and their search for their perfect wedding dress. One of the most frequently asked questions by those who watch the show is how many dresses the brides can try on during their appointment. While the portrayal on the show may make it seem like brides only get to try on a few dresses, the reality is quite different.

According to insiders, the typical appointment for a bride on Say Yes to the Dress lasts around two hours. During this time, the bride can try on as many dresses as she desires. However, the number of dresses the bride tries on is ultimately limited by how many the store has in stock, how many the bride pulls from the racks, and how much time is spent discussing each dress with the consultant.

In general, brides on Say Yes to the Dress try on a minimum of three dresses. This number is largely determined by the format of the show, where each dress is typically given a certain amount of time onscreen. As more dresses are added to the appointment, the amount of time spent on each individual dress decreases, which may negatively impact the bride’s experience.

However, whether you are appearing on Say Yes to the Dress or not, the number of dresses you can try on during an appointment at a bridal salon is not set in stone. In fact, most salons encourage brides to try on as many dresses as necessary to find their perfect match. The consultants at the salon are there to help guide the bride towards the right dress, and they understand that trying on a variety of dresses is often necessary before making a decision.

Brides on Say Yes to the Dress typically try on a minimum of three dresses, but the real number depends on the duration of the appointment, the availability of dresses, and the individual preferences and needs of the bride. No matter where you choose to shop for your wedding dress, don’t be afraid to take your time and try on as many dresses as you need to find the perfect one for your special day.

How much does the average dress cost at Kleinfeld’s?

Kleinfeld’s is a bridal boutique that has been in business for over 70 years and is located in New York City. It is famous for being the bridal store featured in the television show “Say Yes to the Dress.” If you are getting married and looking for the perfect wedding dress, Kleinfeld is definitely a place you would consider visiting. However, before making an appointment, you would probably want to know how much dresses cost on average.

It is important to mention that Kleinfeld carries a wide range of designers, from relatively affordable to very high-end. So, how much does an average dress cost at Kleinfeld’s? Well, according to Kleinfeld’s website, the average cost of a dress is around $4,500. However, this is just an average, and the actual prices can vary greatly depending on the designer, fabric, detailing, and style of the dress.

It is also important to note that Kleinfeld’s carries dresses with a price range that spans several thousands of dollars. Some dresses are cheaper than $2,000, while others are more expensive than $10,000. If you have a specific budget in mind, it is advisable to discuss it with your bridal consultant before you start trying on dresses, so they can better assist you in finding a gown that fits your price range.

The average cost of a dress at Kleinfeld’s is approximately $4,500, but the actual cost of a dress can vary greatly depending on several factors. If you have a tight budget or want to splurge on your wedding dress, it is advisable to discuss your budget with your bridal consultant to find the perfect gown with a price tag that fits your needs and desires. Additionally, Kleinfeld’s also offers payment options and financing plans that may help make your dream dress more affordable.

Who was sacked from Kleinfeld?

Maria Bartiromo, a well-known television journalist and business news anchor, was sacked from Kleinfeld after she was caught trying on gowns at the famous bridal boutique.

Bartiromo was at Kleinfeld, located in New York City, to interview CEO Ronald Rothstein for a segment on her show, “Closing Bell.” The boutique is known for its reality TV show “Say Yes to the Dress” and is a popular spot for engaged couples and brides-to-be. During her visit, Bartiromo reportedly asked to try on some gowns herself.

According to sources, Rothstein was not happy with Bartiromo’s request and informed his staff that she was not to be allowed to try on any dresses. However, Bartiromo apparently did not heed the warning and tried on some gowns anyway. After Rothstein found out about this, he decided to terminate Bartiromo’s contract with Kleinfeld.

Bartiromo has not publicly commented on the incident, but some have speculated that it may have been a stunt to boost ratings for her show. Regardless of the motivation behind her actions, the incident ultimately led to her departure from Kleinfeld and caused a significant stir in the media world.

How much did Camille get from divorce?

Camille Grammer is an American television personality and actress. She was married to actor Kelsey Grammer for 13 years. During this time, Kelsey was known for his lead role as Frasier Crane in the television series Frasier. Unfortunately, the couple went through a tumultuous divorce in 2011.

According to reports, Camille and Kelsey’s divorce was one of the most expensive divorces in Hollywood history. Camille was initially seeking to secure around $50 million of Kelsey Grammer’s fortune, which was estimated to be around $120 million. However, after a long court battle, the couple finally reached a divorce settlement of $30 million.

The multi-million dollar settlement consisted of assets that were acquired during their 13-year marriage. This included homes in multiple states, numerous business ventures, a private jet, a ski resort property, and other financial assets. Camille had initially stated that she was fighting for her fair share of what she and Kelsey had built together during their marriage.

Camille is known for starring on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where the divorce proceedings were a significant storyline of the show. She has since moved on and has gotten engaged to attorney David C. Meyer. Despite the drama of her past, Camille has continued to work in the entertainment industry and remains a prominent figure in Hollywood.

What happened to the older lady on Say Yes to the Dress?

In a recent episode of the popular reality TV show “Say Yes to the Dress”, fans were left shocked when a scene abruptly cut to a blank screen with the text, “Cameras had stopped recording, but the audio continued recording…”. This unusual occurrence left viewers wondering what had happened to the older lady who had just been trying on dresses.

It was later revealed that the lady in question was none other than Lori Allen, the owner of the bridal shop featured on the show. According to Allen, she had just finished filming a segment for the show when she slipped and fell, hitting the ground hard.

While it is unclear exactly what caused Allen to fall, the scene was apparently so shocking that the production crew immediately stopped filming. Despite this, the audio continued to record the events that followed, providing viewers with an unedited glimpse into the aftermath of the accident.

Although the audio does not reveal the extent of Allen’s injuries, it is clear that the fall was serious enough to merit immediate medical attention. Thankfully, it seems that Allen is okay, as she later posted a photo of herself on social media with the caption, “Don’t worry guys, I’m all good!”

The incident serves as a stark reminder that accidents can happen to anyone, even in seemingly mundane settings like a bridal shop. However, it also highlights the importance of resilience and positivity, as Allen remained upbeat in the face of adversity and quickly reassured her fans that she was okay.