DIY Wedding at Bed and Breakfast in Florida DIY Wedding at Bed and Breakfast in Florida
Our wedding was just magical and true to us! We knew we wanted our wedding to be colorful, intimate, and ROWDY. Being two women... DIY Wedding at Bed and Breakfast in Florida

Our wedding was just magical and true to us! We knew we wanted our wedding to be colorful, intimate, and ROWDY. Being two women and having the opportunity to get married in front of all of our loved ones was something truly special to us and we worked hard putting together big pieces and the small pieces. Choosing our vendors was a high priority of ours. We wanted to make sure they aligned with our values and matched our vibe which we were so fortunate to accomplish! Our colors were maroon, dark green, copper, and tan. It was important to us that our parties included our male best friends and that the rest of our party had the choice to choose their dress, color, and style. After all, if you’re not comfortable, you’re not confident and we wanted everyone to have a good time!

My wife and I aren’t very serious people and originally the formality of wedding ceremonies made us nervous but we knew if we just acted like ourselves the whole day and didn’t try to be something else, we’d have a good time and I think everyone else appreciated that as well. We didn’t tie in any culture or religious traditions as it didn’t seem fitting to us as a couple but we did try to highlight that this was a queer wedding. It was truly special to have all of our family and friends there as we didn’t know if some would have the chance to attend! Overall it was just a dream!

My wife is a DIY QUEEN! She is super creative and artsy and designed a lot of our decor from welcome signs, mirrors, invitations, and other misc signs. The venue was set on the water with a built-in white arch. We had felt that if we didn’t cover the white arch in flowers people would see right through us so having a hard focal point would center the focus on us. We also had flowers hanging from the tree above as we thought it added a little extra! Our florist did an amazing job as flowers were the biggest decorations we had.

Flowers were the main contributor to our wedding decor. We covered the arch at our ceremony, had some hanging from the trees, our florist made us 2 beautiful bridal bouquets, and our bridal party had bouquets and boutonniè€res. We then used the bridesmaid bouquets as the centerpieces for the tables during the reception and covered our sweetheart table in flowers too. They played such a crucial role to our important day!

We didn’t have any food trucks or guest appearances. My best friend and my wife’s sister were our officiants however. Our favorite part of our wedding was the ceremony! It was the perfect mix of natural, intimate, goofy, and loving.

Becky and I met on Hinge in 2019. I had just moved to Denver from Tampa and Becky had just entertained her interest in women. After quick banter, we knew our personalities matched for a first date. On our first date, I had 2 tequila shots waiting as she walked in the door and we chatted until the bar was closing and went on to another as we didn’t want the night to end. We were inseparable ever since. COVID happened about 6 months into our relationship and becky stayed at my place with me through it all and then we moved in together so its like she never left.

We decided to get a quarantine puppy and she was really tough from the jump but that brought becky and I together and we worked hard as a team to work through our puppy’s hardships. Prior to Becky proposing we knew we wanted to get married and this was end game so we went to look at rings because let’s be real, women want to choose their ring! After choosing our rings, it was decided no further details would be disclosed. Becky beat me to the punch and proposed first with a surprise picnic at our favorite park and flew in my best friends to surprise me as well and we had a small engagement party with family and friends!

Shortly after, I took Becky to one of our first date spots and proposed to her with a custom coloring book of all the LGBTQ+ influencers that made getting married possible and added words from her family and friends on what they admired about her. 2 proposals are better than 1!

Our advice to newlyweds is to start early! Have the big decisions already chosen and then work on the small details whenever you can so you’re not running around last minute. Be in the moment and be yourself. Just because weddings are traditionally formal, doesn’t mean you have to be! Let the day be in celebration of you as a couple and you as people.Be patient in your marriage, be responsible for your actions and words, work together to learn each other and build on growth as a couple, and be your partner’s biggest hype man unconditionally.

Event Planner:Tipsy Tampa//Reception Venue:Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast//Floral Designer:Arms Of Persephone Floral Design//Beauty:Krystina Ann Bridal Beauty//Caterer: Amici’s Catered Cuisine//Other: Chasing Film Productions//Event Planner:Mochar Events Tampa//DJ: Tamik Entertainment//Bakery: Macaronage, LLC//Photographer: Janel Herranz Photography, LLC//

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