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Did Shayne and Natalie keep dating?

Love is Blind was a hit dating reality show, and fans were thrilled to watch couples navigate relationships while not being able to see each other. One couple that caught everyone’s attention was Shayne and Natalie. They got engaged on season 2 of Love is Blind, but their relationship has been tumultuous since then. Fans are now wondering, did Shayne and Natalie keep dating?

Their Love Story

Shayne and Natalie met on Love is Blind and had a quick connection. They both expressed their love for each other within the first week of getting to know each other, and their relationship blossomed from there. They got engaged and seemed to be very happy with each other.

However, things took a turn when they left the pods and moved into the real world. They had an off-camera fight the night before their wedding, and Natalie ended up saying no at the altar. Despite this, they continued their relationship on the show and even got back together after the show ended.

Post-Show Drama

After Love is Blind ended, Shayne and Natalie’s relationship continued to be rocky. They broke up multiple times and aired all their drama on social media. Shayne even accused Natalie of cheating on him, but later retracted his statement. They got back together once again but ended things for good in November 2021.

What Happened Next?

As of now, Shayne and Natalie are not together and have both moved on with their lives. Shayne is focusing on his music career, while Natalie started a new podcast where she interviews reality TV stars.


In conclusion, Shayne and Natalie’s relationship was filled with ups and downs. While they got engaged on Love is Blind, their relationship couldn’t survive in the real world. Fans were hopeful that they could make it work, but ultimately, they decided to go their separate ways. As of now, Shayne and Natalie have moved on and are focusing on their individual endeavors.