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Did Craig get kicked out of Amanda and Kyle’s wedding?

The recent drama on “Summer House” raises the question: Did Craig get kicked out of Amanda and Kyle’s wedding? The reality TV show has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, relationships, and drama, and this particular incident got fans buzzing. There have been conflicting reports and rumors, but let’s delve into the facts and see what really happened.

Craig’s relationship with the “Summer House” cast

To understand the situation better, it’s important to have some context on Craig’s relationship with the “Summer House” cast. Craig Conover is a fan-favorite on “Southern Charm,” another popular Bravo TV show. However, he made an appearance on “Summer House” Season 5 as a guest of Lindsay Hubbard. Craig and Lindsey had previously dated years before, and their reunion on the show sparked rumors of a possible romance rekindling.

Craig’s presence on the show garnered mixed reactions from the cast. Some, like Amanda and Kyle, welcomed him with open arms, while others, like Carl and Lindsay, were not so thrilled to have him around. Nevertheless, he became part of the dynamic and drama on the show.

The story of Craig’s “disappearance” from the wedding

So, did Craig really get kicked out of Amanda and Kyle’s wedding? It all started when some outlets reported that Craig had been thrown out of the wedding ceremony. There were no official statements from either Bravo or any of the cast members confirming or denying the report, which only fueled the rumors.

However, in a recent interview, Paige DeSorbo, one of the “Summer House” cast members, cleared the air on what really happened. According to Paige, Craig was not kicked out of the wedding. In fact, he stayed for the whole event. She revealed that it was Lindsay and Carl, not Craig, who had told the press about his “disappearance” from the event.

Why the rumors?

The question then arises, why would Lindsay and Carl want to exaggerate Craig’s presence at the wedding? Paige provided some insight into the matter during the same interview. She said that Lindsay and Carl, who were also guests at the wedding, might have felt uncomfortable with Craig’s presence, given their complicated history. Moreover, they might have thought that Craig’s presence would overshadow the main event or steal focus from the bride and groom.

The aftermath

The matter might have been put to rest with Paige’s recent revelations, but that hasn’t stopped commentators and fans from talking about it. The incident has sparked debates and discussions on the dynamics between the “Summer House” cast and their guests, the influence of fame and social media on behavior and perceptions, and the ethics of spreading rumors and misinformation.

One thing is for sure, though – it has added another layer of intrigue to an already drama-filled show. Whether or not Craig got kicked out of Amanda and Kyle’s wedding, it’s evident that he has made a lasting impression on the “Summer House” cast, and his fans are eager to see more of him in future seasons.


The rumors of Craig’s “disappearance” from Amanda and Kyle’s wedding might have been exaggerated, but the drama on “Summer House” is still very much alive. As fans, we can only wait and see what unfolds next on the show. Whether it’s a new love triangle, a heated argument, or a wild party, we can be sure that the cast will keep us entertained.


Was Paige DeSorbo in Amanda’s wedding?

According to Amanda Batula, a reality TV star who rose to fame through Vanderpump Rules, Paige DeSorbo was a bridesmaid in her wedding. Amanda describes Paige as a very good friend of hers and one of the few people who can relate to her on a deeper level, given that they both feature in reality TV shows. Their similar experiences make them bond better than most people would.

Although there is no additional information on the dynamics of their friendship, it’s safe to say that they share a bond that goes beyond their TV appearances. It’s common for people in the entertainment industry to develop friendships based on shared interests and experiences, which is likely the case for Amanda and Paige.

It seems like Paige DeSorbo was indeed a bridesmaid in Amanda Batula’s wedding.

Why was Kyle not invited to the wedding?

Kyle Richards, a well-known cast member of the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has been the topic of discussion among fans of the show. The reason being, Kyle did not attend Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ wedding, which was held on October 1, 2021. Kyle’s absence from the occasion led many to speculate about the reason why she was not invited to the wedding.

Kyle recently revealed on her Twitter account that she did not attend the wedding because she was in the process of moving homes in Colorado, where her family is currently residing. Her tweet reads, “I’m out of town! We are moving to our new home in Colorado this week.”

Based on the tweet, it is clear that Kyle’s absence was not due to any ill-feelings or rift between her and Teresa Giudice, as many had speculated. And her reason for not attending the wedding seems quite legitimate, as she was in the middle of relocating to a new home, which can be quite a chaotic and stressful process.

It is not uncommon for people to miss important events such as weddings due to personal reasons, and Kyle’s situation demonstrates this. While it is understandable for fans to wonder about the reasons behind Kyle’s absence, her explanation serves to clarify that there is no animosity between her and the newlyweds. Kyle’s tweet puts to rest any rumors and speculations about her not being invited to Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ wedding.

Did Kyle cheat on Amanda season 3?

During the third season of Summer House, there was a lot of drama surrounding Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s relationship. Fans of the show were left wondering if Kyle had cheated on Amanda during the filming of the show. In the season 3 premiere, which aired in March 2019, Kyle admitted to cheating on Amanda. He revealed that he had “blacked out” during a “guys’ trip” and “woke up with a girl in [his] bed.”

This revelation caused quite a stir in the house and among viewers of the show. Fans took to social media to express their opinions on the matter and many were quick to condemn Kyle for his actions. Some viewers suggested that Kyle may have cheated on Amanda before and was just finally getting caught.

Despite the cheating scandal, Kyle and Amanda chose to move forward with their relationship. They eventually got engaged and tied the knot in September 2019. On the show, the couple seemed to work through their issues and remained a strong couple.

However, the cheating scandal continued to follow Kyle throughout the show. In a later episode, another cast member, Jordan Verroi, claimed that he had heard rumors of Kyle cheating on Amanda before. Kyle vehemently denied these rumors and maintained that his cheating was a one-time mistake.

Kyle did cheat on Amanda during the filming of Summer House season 3. He admitted to the cheating in the premiere episode and fans were left to watch as the couple worked through the aftermath. Despite the scandal, Kyle and Amanda chose to stay together and eventually got married.

How much did Bravo pay for Kyle and Amanda’s wedding?

Although Kyle and Amanda spent around $200,000 on their wedding, it is unclear if Bravo, the network that airs Summer House, contributed any funds towards the event. However, Bravo has been known to assist with some wedding expenses for their reality TV stars in the past.

For instance, on Vanderpump Rules, Bravo reportedly paid for the wedding venue when Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright got married. On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bravo contributed the wedding dress for Cynthia Bailey when she married Mike Hill. Moreover, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo reportedly helped fund Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter’s wedding.

Therefore, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Bravo offered Kyle and Amanda a similar deal, especially since their wedding was captured on Summer House. However, there has been no official confirmation from the network regarding any financial contribution towards their wedding.

In any case, Kyle and Amanda’s wedding was a lavish affair with a stunning waterfront view and a chic decor. From the rehearsal dinner to the reception, no expense was spared, and it is evident that they invested a significant amount of money and time into making their special day perfect.